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Intimacy Intervention: My Husband Called Me A Nigger Bitch During Sex

Reality check: I know that you don’t want to leave your husband. It’s a beautiful thing that you are taking your vows seriously. He, however, is not. He is not loving, honoring nor cherishing you. If traveling the globe playing “Real Housewife of the Big House” while he drops n-bombs is not your idea of fun then you need to ask yourself some serious questions.


Cardinals Fan With Rare Disease Inspires Entire Team

This baseball fan stands 3 feet tall and weighs just 19 pounds. Josiah Viera is a young Cardinals fan diagnosed with the rare aging disease Progeria. But that doesn't stop him from motivating his favorite baseball players during spring training.


Man Posts Video On FACEBOOK LIVE When He CATCHES His...

He a big fool dawg. She is your girlfriend not your wife bruh. Get some brain. What you doing stalking her??. You need to get yourself a job bruh. Why you get shot because of this shit?.

Down Low Alert: Man Caught on Tape Giving Another Man Sloppy...

A man was recently caught cheating on his girlfriend, nothing unusual there, but he cheated with another dude instead of a woman. The cheater did not realize it but his every move was caught on tape thanks to a cell phone that was recording, from the second he opened the hotel room door and let his soon to be lover in through the entire encounter, and now he will be revealed for what he is instead