12 Reasons To Procreate With The Last Man On Earth

12 Reasons To Procreate With The Last Man On Earth



1. This is Phil Miller. He’s a real catch.

That’s because, after everyone else on the planet perished, he’s the only catch.

2. He’s got a little bit of that “lumbersexual” thing going on.

Those dreamy eyes. That rat’s nest of a beard. Mmmmmmmmm.

3. He has a “bad boy” side as well.

No need for service. Phil will serve himself, thanks.

6. He has great culinary taste.

Snack cake fingers: the treat you never knew you wanted.

7. He has great taste in art too.

This stuff looks much better in a Tucson subdevelopment than it did at the Smithsonian.

8. Heck, he has great taste in general.

Phil Miller telling it like it is. Er, was.

10. He’s a fantastic handyman.

When there’s no running water, he’s the guy you want.

To see more of your new boyfriend, watch The Last Man on Earth, tonight at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

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