13-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom By Stabbing Abusive Boyfriend

13-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom By Stabbing Abusive Boyfriend



Phoenix police told KSAZ-Fox 10 News that it wouldn’t be charging a 13-year-old boy named Darvon who allegedly stabbed his mother’s boyfriend when the man became abusive.

Keith Childress, the man reportedly exploded in anger and starting hitting the boy’s mother. He then turned around and is said to have started attacking Darvon and his 15-year-old sister.But Darvon wasn’t going to take it. He reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife, and much to Childress’ surprise, fought back.The mom of this brave teen told Fox that she had not doubt she would have been seriously hurt or dead if her son hadn’t stood up to Childress.t was early on a Monday morningwith the two teens getting ready for school when Childress, who was reportedly visiting from out of town, started kicking and hitting the mom.

Darvon and his sister tried to stop Childress, but then he turned on them.

“It was my instincts. I had to stop it,” Darvon told Fox 10. “I was a little bit nervous.”

Childress was bleeding, as he staggered out of the room and went to a neighbor’s door.

The neighbor opened the door and Childress fell to the floor, bleeding profusely while claiming, “The bi_ch stabbed me.”

Childress was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery but was expected to survive. Police said he would be charged with domestic abuse.

Darvon’s mom said she is proud of her son, whom she says, ironically, wants to be a cop.

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