14 Things We Learned from Kanye’s Interview On The Breakfast Club Morning...

14 Things We Learned from Kanye’s Interview On The Breakfast Club Morning Show



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Point One: ‘I saw the Kanye West National Crying Tour [after he broke up with Amber’!]  I watched it in the Garden! He cried like a sad Knicks fan in the Garden’

Point Two: ‘This woman that you are just willing to throw away like she’s garbage, you are gonna act like she didn’t inspire your best work ever??? She was the inspiration behind My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’

Those words are from Peter Rosenberg who was fired up today after he heard Kanye West’s interview with The Breakfast Club Morning Show. In the infamous interview, that has made it’s rounds across the net, Kanye acted as though Amber would not have existed if Kim Kardashian would have dated him sooner. He also claimed he had to take 30 showers before Kim would sleep with him.

Elsewhere in the hour long chat, Kanye all-but confirmed that Tyga was knocking down Kylie Jenner, said Beyonce love and draws inspiration from Kim Kardashian (while alluding they have a Lebron/Kobe rivalry going on), and admitted he was a hypocrite and deserved ‘Donkey Of The Day’ for calling out Beck, since he had never heard his music.

Catch the interview, a few things we learned, and Peter Rosenberg’s reaction to the interview below:

14 Things We learned

1. He Thinks He was a Hyprocrite for Calling Out Beck but Doesn’t Feel Bad for Him

I think this idea of being better than the next man is the wrong mentality in the first place. We were born into this broken world that is separated by race, religion and class.

Charlamagne: But you confuse me when you say stuff like that though because you do act like you’re better than people sometimes.


Envy: He gave you donkey of the day again too.

And I deserved it. That was completely hypocritical. I went to dinner and sat down with Taylor Swift and ironically they’re playing the Beck album. Maybe they did it on purpose so I can finally hear it. I was like ‘Man, this is kind of good. I ain’t even gon’ lie.’ I ain’t even heard it man. [laughs]. I bet you that album was really good. I’m going to listen to that album and maybe it was potentially an album of the year.

I felt good for [Beck]. Because think about all the good stuff that happened to me in the past 7 days. The person that won the most is Beck. Because if I hadn’t done that, his ‘album of the year wouldn’t have been mentioned. Now it’s in all the chatter. “Kanye West Messes Up Again,’ ‘Kayne West is Donkey of the Day’. You know I’m already the enemy so you can’t get no worse than the villain.

But you know, he should win an award for what he did- ‘Rock Album,’ or something like that. But he shouldn’t have won that award in my opinion. But who am I to have an opinion?

The Grammys still has a commercial component to it. They want to sell commercials. So they have these big superstars sitting in the audience and advertise that they ‘Coming up next- performing,’ that’s what they try to do to get those views. You don’t have these people sitting here and have them like, their hearts beating and stuff. We work too hard to deal with all that. We ain’t got time to be losing in a situation. Because whose winning? We ain’t getting none of the advertising money. Don’t play with us. That’s what my main point is.

2. He Thinks More Black People Should Support Black Award Shows

Charlamagne: Why do you think superstars go where we’re tolerated and not celebrated? Like people like yourself. You go where you’re tolerated and not celebrated. When it comes to the Soul Train Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards or BET Awards. like ‘Kanye won but Kanye is not here to accept the award’

That’s why we need to support the people that support us. And not just particularly just a Black thing. We always say ‘It’s a Black show, this and that.’ But it’s gonna be a while. I ain’t got the answers of how to change the voting system. I ain’t got the answers for how to make it where everybody is honored int he proper way. And maybe sometimes it’s two people that should win. Whose to say who should win?

I think it’s a class thing too because it carries more weight if you win a Grammy than a BET awards. Says society. And that’s what this is about. This is why I respect this show. It’s the voice of society. This the voice of say the barbershop. This is the voice of the streets.

3. He Believes He is the Black Robin Hood and that Him and Kim ‘Stay Ghetto’

I was going to London where I’m going tonight and I was in the first class line and it was real crowded and I looked over at the coach line for customs and it was completely empty. We went over to the coach line and got through right away. And everybody that was [in the first class line] with their Hermes belts and big hats didn’t want to lower their class in order to get through faster. When time is the only luxury. Know what I’m saying?
So it’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been learning through the past couple of years and I use my positiona dn my relationships to learn about class but my approach is more Robin Hood now.

Charlamagne: It’s more ghetto? Even though you getting up in class it’s still ratchet.

Yeah but ghetto is fun. I like- I’m from Chicago. My wife got a big ass. Know what I’m saying? We stay ghetto.

4. He Finds Nothing Wrong with Always Coming for Beyonce’s Rescue

It’s really ironic that every time [I go off] it’s for Beyonce for some reason. ‘Why is it Beyonce? Why don’t I go off on whoever is going off on my wife on Twitter or sh*t like that?’

I think Beyonce is a great representation of an artist working hard and trying her best and getting the results from it. So say Beyonce’s previous album wasn’t as well received as her new album. And she got low (profile) like I got low for my new album and delivered something that everybody loved. And in America, we got respect greatness when we see it and we can’t smack it in the face at the cost of some votes, at the cost of blowing somebody up that can sell some t-shirts. If you see something that’s great, you gotta respect it.

Beyonce don’t need no help. People look at Beyonce because she’s rich, respect to Hov- she’s a beautiful woman, she’s talented. And so they figured she’s got everything so you don’t even need nothing else. But I think she needs the proper accolades because she’s an inspiration. I don’t think she’s ever won an ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy.

And this is funny because Taylor was talking to me about this, she was saying that, when she was the victim, she won every award. But now that she’s powerful and the biggest selling artist, now she’s not winning any awards. Because they’re like ‘What do you need?’


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