14-yo Girl Says Cop Offered Her Ride to School, Then Masturbated While...

14-yo Girl Says Cop Offered Her Ride to School, Then Masturbated While He Rubbed Her Body



Memphis, TN — A police officer in Memphis has been placed on suspension after a 14-year-old girl accused him of disturbingly lewd acts.

MPD officer Derrick Abdul-Wakil, 43, has been accused of solicitation sexual exploitation of a minor after offering a young girl a ride to school.

Copies of the court affidavit detail the alarming accusations. On Friday, Feb. 5, the teen girl was walking to school when Abdul-Wakil asked her if she wanted a ride.

During the ride, the teen told police the officer appeared to be masturbating under a jacket on his lap and touched the girl’s face, cheek, and outer thigh with his hand, according to the affidavit.

Upon arriving at school, the teen immediately reported the officers actions.

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Last week, over three weeks after the accusations, an arrest warrant was finally issued for Solicitation Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Abdul-Wakil turned himself in on Sunday; denying all allegations.

The officer did admit to giving the girl a ride as well as having a jacket over his lap, but he denies all of the sexual accusations.

According to FOX13 News, they conducted a review of the officer’s history and found mostly positive reviews, other than two traffic accidents for which he was reprimanded.

Officer-involved sexual misconduct describes an entire subset of police misconduct that includes non-criminal complaints such as consensual sexual activity that occurs while an officer is on-duty, sexual harassment, up to felony acts of sexual assault or child molestation. Sexual misconduct was the second most common form of misconduct reported throughout a 2010 sample with 618 officers involved in sexual misconduct complaints during that period, 354 of which were involved in complaints that involved forcible non-consensual sexual activity such as sexual assault or sexual battery.

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Of the officers associated with reports of serious sexual misconduct, 51% (180) were involved with reports that involved minors and 49% (174) involved adults.

Perhaps the most sickening aspect associated with the high rate of sexual assault among officers is the lack of punishment they receive.

Last month we reported on the police officer who was caught with hard drives full of child porn, all the charges were dropped.

Last month we also reported on the story of Christopher Allen Carson who orally forced himself onto a sleeping 7th grader and he was only given a 30-day sentence.

Also, last month we reported on a Plano police officer who was arrested twice in a three week period for indecency with a child and for possession of child pornography.

In December, the man responsible for “keeping you safe” on the internet was sentenced to 25 years for using the internet and the very tools given to him for this job, to run a child pornography empire, where he planned to violently rape and murder children.

Prior to that it was NYPD Sgt. Alberto Randazzo who was indicted for conspiring to commit multiple sex crimes against a one-year-old infant.

In September, Oklahoma made headlines with three serial rapists, in 3 weeks, all officers, as well as one police chief molesting children.

Or how about the police officer that was just found guilty of raping a girl with a pencil; she was 5!

The list goes on.



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