20 Signs You Might Be a Hoodrat #8 #SMH

20 Signs You Might Be a Hoodrat #8 #SMH



1. When meeting a new man, your first instinct is to ask “Do you have a job?”, as opposed to “What do you do?”

2. You frame those club pics with the airbrushed backgrounds

3. You consider Red Lobster biscuits a delicacy

4. Your grandmother knows who Keyshia Cole is

5. You find it charming when men turn on “I Can Tell” by the 504 Boyz around you.

6. You brag about having a credit card

7. Your man bought you a Katt Williams DVD and a bottle of Hennessy for Valentine’s Day

8. Your kids call you by your first name

9. You’re 33 years old and still allow men to give you promise rings

10. You beat a chick’s ass on graduation day. Your mother was your accomplice. (Shoutout to the Class of ’05)

11. You walk so hard that your head waggles

12. You feed Hawaiian Punch and ribs to your 3 month old baby

13. Your “modeling shoots” take place in some dude’s basement

14. You carry your purse on the inside of your wrist

15. You think women who exercise are bougie

16. You think it’s cute that you don’t know how to pronounce certain words

17. You thought Baby Boy had a fairytale ending

18. You think it’s your 6 year-old’s responsibility to wake himself up for school

19. You have two or more colors in your hair, and none of them is natural

20. You’ve ever started a sentence with “Unh uh, unh uh”

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