32 Pics Of Kanye Looking Sad

32 Pics Of Kanye Looking Sad [GALLERY]




Kanye West has millions of dollars, getting married to one of the most famous women in the world but some how Kanye is not happy to be on vacation with his soon to be wife while doing some zip-lining activities. Last week the sad Kanye pic surfaced on Reddit and as scheduled, the Internets had their way with the pic, creating the hashtag #sadkanye coupled with memes.

What makes this pic rather hilarious is fiancée Kim Kardashian smiling from ear to ear to a guy, who suspected to be the  zip-line instructor, all while dejected Kanye sits in back. The meme has picked up so quickly and caught on that there is a tumblr page dedicated to Kanye’s sad times and sad faces. Take a look at all the sadness below.

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