4 of The 5 Men Who Raped A Brooklyn 18-Year-Old Girl Are...

4 of The 5 Men Who Raped A Brooklyn 18-Year-Old Girl Are In Custody




A father and daughter experienced one of the most horrific and life changing tragedies this past Thursday just for walking in a park this past Thursday. It was reported that both victims were inside of the Osborn Playground in Brownsville, NY when all of a sudden, they were approached by 5 men. According to police, one man wearing a red shirt with black pants pointed a gun and ordered the victim’s father to “get the f*** out of here!” Next, she experienced 5 men forcing themselves on her.

The girl’s father escaped and immediately sought out a phone to call 911, but he was denied by the bodega owner who says that a lot of people come in and ask to use the phone. He felt that since the vicim’s father, who was more than likely in shock, showed no emotion, he denied him a phone call. Thankfully, the man flagged down two cops anyway, told them what happened and then took them back to the crime scene. The suspects fled the scene and the trembling victim was taken to a hospital.

Well fortunately according to the NY Daily News, four of the five guys have been apprehended in connection to the gang rape. Whats even saddening though is that those boys range in ages 14-17! Two of the boys were brought in by their mothers although none of the suspects have been charged yet.

This incident definitely has the community outraged about the rape but more about the lack of police presence at night.  “Where are they?!,” a Brownsville resident yelled. “How can they wonder how stuff like this happens, and then when it gets dark they’re not here!” According to NYPD stats, rape crimes have raised 6.3% in 2015, meaning that there were 1,439 cases reported citywide.

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The NY Daily News reports that Mayor de Blasio said, “I am disgusted and deeply saddened by the horrific attack that took place in Brownsville Thursday evening,” and vowed that authorities would “take every step possible” to bring justice to this young woman and her family.

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