Father Boxes Son For Leaving School With Out Permission On Facebook Live...

Father Boxes Son For Leaving School With Out Permission On Facebook Live Child Abuse or Discipline You Be The Judge (Video)




A father posted a video of him “disciplining” his son. He actually use the new Facebook live feature to stream this.  His son walked out of a class and  disrespected the teacher. As you can see in the video his Father didn’t take that lightly. Do you believe this was Child Abuse or Discipline ? Do you think this father should face criminal charges for his action. Share with you friends and join in on the conversation  of  child abuse or discipline.

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  • Jeff Newcomer

    Respect,,one way or another,, I have no problem with this,, good job dad!!

  • I can’t believe he did that

  • Randall Hagewood

    Well I’d have laughed if the kid woulda knocked his butt out with a lucky upper cut hell he handled it his way I guess…long as he didn’t hurt the boy too bad but I dont see the point in making him a spectacle of others? Hope the boy practices his thro-n-hands skills pops 😉

  • Marquito Tomaz

    I don’t see anything wrong with this…

  • Kirby A. Morrison

    I dont see a problem. At least Dad’s doing something. More than you can say about the majority of these parents of teenagers now days!

  • TJ Tokarz

    The son looks like he learned his lesson. Padded gloves, was not excessive. Good job dad. Teaching your son respect. This is the meaning behind discipline…fear. This kid will be scared to leave school again.
    Young man in the making!!!!!!

  • Brandon Davidson

    To each their own. None of my business but as long as it’s done out of love than I am all for it.

  • Alan Brewster

    Props dad!!! Hard lessons learned are not easily forgotten!!

  • me ohmy

    gloves ain’t a bare fist..that dad rocks.

  • dr.boobish

    Good job DAD…that’s one of the best lessons I’ve ever seen a parent give his child. Everyone needs to adapt a discipline regimen like that. Borrowing a word from the father, that was “GOLDEN”.

  • Mike Palladino

    Fear of repercussions is the best deterrence. Good job, way to be a father that wants what is best for his child.

  • Mp

    Excellent! This is how parents should be able to discipline their children if they choose to. That way when the enter the real world the kids will learn there are always consequences for their actions and don’t blame everyone else for their actions.

  • Elise Monroe

    The level of ignorance is at an all time high among black parents. I hope that he puts the gloves on ten years from now. Dumb ass man

  • xcalybur

    I’d rather see a father do this then not being there for their kids or get their kids involved in drugs or gangs.

  • Ron Apger

    so what happens when the kid comes home and dads so pissed he forgets the gloves? this was wrong. whip his ass with a strap. its worked for hundreds of years. this was wrong and whoever dont agree must like to see their kid bleed and has no idea how discipline works. discipline is more mental than physical. all this dad did was give that kid a terrible memory for the rest of his life. whip his ass dont break his nose. his ass will forgive you he will remember his nose for life.

  • Wavenstein

    this is some sick shit

  • Dave Jones

    The dad was calm and collected. He didn’t administer his discipline in anger. He gave his son a chance to defend himself. Lord, how I wish my dad would have given me the same luxury! He would have just knocked me out.

  • Drew Croy

    Boxing is a legally recognized sport. The only thing I see wrong with this is he did it more for showboating than he did for education and discipline. I would have set a 3 minute timer on my phone and given him a mouthguard, dentist appointments are expensive.

    Harsh or not it’s not my place to decide how this many disciplines his 17 year old son. I love how the comments with the most vitriol come from people without kids. My first (and only) fight with my father was at 15 and there were no gloves involved. I got the notion that I wasn’t going to do as I was told. Then I got the notion to take a poke at him. That’s the one and only time I ever got that notion.

  • Sean Feehan

    Still more discipline than Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin got.

  • Nick Hall

    Thats what these millenials need. I respectbthat father teachingbhis son important life lessons. Hopefully ut makes that little boy more respectful. Inntime if he is smartvwill realizenhus fathervwss teavhing him a hard lesson in RESPECT!

  • Ross

    I’ve had my father discipline me in many different ways. He used physical force in the way of spanking on my bare ass with his red right hand. I wish I got the opportunity at this age to hit back. Bottom line is, too many parents aren’t doing anything to assure they know the difference between right and wrong. Some of you think it’s right. Some of you think it’s wrong. Regardless, it’s not your kid, and because he posted it to social media (which is agree is insane) you think it’s your business. It’s tough love. I got it growing up, and it’s disappearing as time goes on. He’s right though, you can’t do this to your baby girl. So I see many different perspectives on this. Not trying to spark an argument, but at least this guy cares!!

  • Parker

    If you’re going to be ignorant, it would be best to leave your two cents out.

  • Chris Seymour Sr.

    I agree and disagree with this video. Belts have worked for ages, but at a certain age in our communities, the belt doesn’t has the same effect that it had when I/we were 8years old. Young males start to think they’re running the household at some point, then you have to show them who’s boss. I strongly disagree with drawing blood from your child and putting it on camera. I would’ve maybe tried body blows instead. The bigger problem is they will try to lock him up for disciplining his child. As a father myself, all we want is for our kids to take a different path than us that was raised in the streets. Yes it was aggressive, but there has to be other methods than just a belt. I tilt my hat to him. At least he’s not giving up on his child

  • T_Rocka1975

    He should have never told his son he can walk out of class in the first place. You are sending all kinds of mixed messages. Who has children, who wants to walk away when you are verbally disciplining them? I know I did and I know my children want to sometimes. But to tell him that he has his explicit permission and then is upset when he does it, come on now. Oh he didn’t call him. I don’t know what occurred in the whole situation, but did he have a good reason for not calling? According to children (and when I was a child) teachers trip on the regular (according to the child). What he should have told him is to let him know what the teacher did so that he could arrange a meeting to get things straight. This is not discipline this is child abuse. And what is up with all this social media disciplining? It’s stupid!!

  • Gman

    “He should have never told his son he can walk out of class in the first place.”

    How do you know he didn’t?

  • Cyriacus

    It is what it is, you live by the rules. I little bloody nose is nothing and he had a fighting chance not like he wasn’t allowed to strike back.

  • Orlando M. Williams

    He had a mouth guard

  • Ryan G

    i hope the father communicates to his son that the hurt he is feeling now is a reflection of the pain he caused at school, i think thats all he can do at that point ?.

  • Charlcie C

    Apparently you didn’t listen carefully when the father spoke. He told his child he could walk out the classroom…however he needed to call his father and let him know what he did. The only thing this child failed to do was notify his father…and that’s what his dad is all pissy about. Smh.

  • Chris Marshall

    I dont agree with the way this was done. At least give the kid headgear, you could really fuck his brain up landing those right hands like he was.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Last time my single mom came at me to whoop my ass she had a broom in her hand. She swung that broom as hard as she could, I caught it in my hand and like a punk bitch, said “Whatcha gonna do now?”. Well, my aunt who was standing to the side of me instructed me real quick on what happens to punk bitches. As I picked myself up off the floor, the ringing in my ears told me school was out!

  • Chris Focus

    My daddy did the same shit, “If you wanna be dumb, you gotta be tough.” I chose the dumb route and I hardened up quick. Better he gets his ass handed to him by dad than shot by a cop or a gangbanger wannabe.

  • Drizzy

    Fuck you that’s why you got white kids shooting up schools in etc.if they got this treatment just maybe we’d have less bs happen in this world

  • Alex Avedikian

    but now he has dain bramage

  • Immara King H Robinson

    Discipline. Whooping your child teaches you nothing at all. What boxing teaches you most outbof everything is discipline. Id do ths if,i had a child.

  • Look, that man aint no slouch. He probably worked his ass off to give his boy the opportunity to live in that nice house and go to that nice school. He didnt EARN all that by acting a fool. GOOD JOB POPS!!! Old school, good school.

  • cakes_and_pies

    Why would a parent promote truancy as long as he’s in the know?
    Boxing is supposed to be somewhat evenly yoked. It doesn’t look like the father has down much boxing with him at all, soooo why not just give him a whipping since this fight was so unbalanced?
    You let you child go out into the world with that pessy hair? That’s just wrong.

  • J

    He’s just going to grow up hating his father. And eventually kick his ass in the future.

  • Martin Bülow Sørensen

    as a father! i say u fucked up bro. i would never lay my hands on my son no matter what!!! u suppose to guide him u retard! not beat shiit into him, and what tha fuck u meeean making him a man! mayyyn fuck ur punk ass. next time u wanna beat a kid. then holla at me instead ill fucked u up with a huge smile on my face u wack fuck!

  • Asiana Goforth

    Now a days if you don’t give these young men a taste at the real world they’re gonna be out here making trouble for themselves. I clearly think is wrong with this.

  • Knightwing19

    This guy should be nominated for “Father of the Year”.
    If more parents were like this dude so many kids wouldn’t be rotten today.

  • Elise Monroe

    Fuck you! You dizzy ass fuck. You must be blind! I am clearly African American and raised two outstanding African American sons. Never treated them like this.

  • politically incorrect

    And that’s why immigrants are invading you and raping any woman they can in Scandinavian countries, because you became a bunch of pussies.

  • Torrence Amos

    His dad clearly said if he called him first you idiot stop whining like the bitch you’re father made you into pussy

  • Jae Berry Brown

    No problem with this.

  • Gary Gorski

    He had gloves on and it was fair, he didn’t beat his ass to knock him out, taught him a lesson to respect his teachers. The kid is 17yrs old 1yr away from being able to get sent overseas and face enemy combat fire. Good job!

  • Francisco

    ARE YOU ALL FUCKED UP. This is abuse. whooping I see, smacks I get it. but seriously!. are you fucking nuts that is blood. He took advantage of his (Gay) son cutting. he wasn’t trying to teach a lesson. he was trying to beat the gay out of him. I SEE THAT!

  • Francisco


  • Johnathan

    Those lightsabers are intimidating

  • Windell Clark

    Boxing him sure… But the video embarrassment and shaming will have concequences we have not seen yet.


    LMAO i little bloody? his shirt was COVERED in blood.

  • Twila Marie Muriby

    There was nothing said about him being gay the kid was cutting class to hang out with girls.

  • Chris Wellz

    I have mixed feelings about it. I like the idea of it, but I don’t like the way it was carried out. The excessive blood is a no no, you’re gonna draw blood in a boxing match regardless. Once it’s noticed, you stop. But recording it on social media is what I don’t like the most about it. A boxing match is a hell of a lot better than getting your ass whooped 67 times with an extension cord tied down to a fucking bed so you won’t move. The fact that he was bleeding that much and he kept going I didn’t appreciate either. These dumb ass parents need to stay the FUCK off social media with their ridiculous videos. So what, you disciplined your child, Whoopty Fuckin’ Doo. Record a video him getting straight A’s, record a video of you playing a game with him. Record a video of you giving him that “talk”. Record the best moments, not the worst for likes and shares. And that’s why I ain’t sharing your bullshit because you’re a punk ass daddy that permanently humiliates their children. It’s on the internet FOREVER now. He’ll be 30 years old and that video will surface of him getting his ass whooped on camera. And that’s only if he doesn’t commit suicide first. You know how many stories there have been about children who have killed themselves over things like this? Where’s people’s bleeding heart for them? And yet, in the same breath, people will approve of this? So, by definition, you approve conducting things that perpetuate the deteriorating mental health of children? You agree that this is okay, knowing that these types of things could fuck up these kids for life?

    That’s how I feel about it.

  • YouCrackersArePussy

    This just tough love, better he do it with gloves then somebody out there on the street does it with bullets other niggaz police etc etc..

  • Amanda Bailey

    while I’m for mild spanking, a punishment that fits the ‘crime’ (not beating the shit out of your kids) I’m not for the whole “this makes my son a man”
    teaching your son that fighting or hitting or being able to take a beating doesn’t make him a ‘man’. it makes him think that he has to treat others that way, not show his feelings and be hard. This is why we have so many aggressive men out there. this is why we have men who think they can’t cry and bottle up and explode. teach him that his actions will have repurcussions, but dont teach him that fighting makes him a man.


    Where Pop’s messed up was posting it on Facebook. He should have taken the boy to the woods and wore his ass out.

  • RichieBelding2

    This guy has no idea what a man is. A man doesn’t have to beat his children into submission. The kid was wrong but so was dad.

  • Ligon

    It’s only blood

  • Guy Flatley

    WELL IT looks like the kid had some boxing skills , got a few in himself , respect goes a long ways , dad made it clear if you want my back tell me first for leaving school because of a teacher problem. i see nothing wrong with the lesson of course unless your a bleeding heart and think talking works.

  • KD Seville

    Have you ever fought before?

  • Epapi

    because you’re an idiot

  • Epapi

    anyone who believes this is the appropriate way to handle are either ignorant, blind or plain stupid. Discipline should not resort to violence. Talking to any individual and explaining a situation will benefit the child in the future. This “father” ( and i use the term loosely) has no patience to properly handle a small situation like “skipping” class and must resort to violence. Dumb people handle things in dumb ways.

  • Epapi

    not when it comes to disciplining your child

  • Isabella R

    He took it too far.

  • Epapi

    ^this. People need to think more like you and less like the idiots encouraging child violence

  • Mike Palladino

    Seriously? Were you not afraid of your parents finding out when you did something wrong?

  • Cathy Sawchuk

    you got a little dain damage as well( could not resist)

  • nic

    This isn’t parenting it’s abuse.

  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines

    I agree to a certain extent, he is only teaching him violence you learn nothing by fear but aggression and hatred. He is gonna get bigger and stronger!! If he would have had some instruction in there with less blows i could agree but i think he was showing off for facebooks and likes. Why tell him to walk out of class then get mad when he do!!

  • Epapi

    Of course I was, and that’s the problem! No-one should ever be afraid of their parents, for any reason! Your parents are the only people in this world who you can tell anything and NOT feel discriminated, judged or scared.

    Also, a real human being will admit when he’s wrong but if at a young age, you’re taught lying can stop the unpleasant stimulus (the beatings), it will encourage you to continue lying. I can go into this so much more, but that’s just one scenario.

  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines

    He is dizzy and drunk but you are correct!!

  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines


  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines


  • linda

    The dad was dead wrong. You don’t beat your own son like that. It shows ignorance and abuse and I would grow to hate him, not respect him. The father is acting like he’s big and bad and shell teach his son, wrong. You’re lucky your not arrested. I would call social services if it were me, jerk.

  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines


  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines


  • Epapi

    no he wont. He’ll just cut class again, except this time he’s 17 and he’s been working out. Now he wants revenge on the idiot father who beat him when he was 14

  • Epapi

    Torrence Amos, big man.. you’re parents definitely made you a “real” man. I bet you have the tiniest ego. If someone called you a “bitch” to your face, I bet you’d knock him out right? of course you would, you’re a savage animal without the capability of understanding violence why that is wrong.

  • Epapi

    which is a dumb reason to be upset about. “you did not listen to me therefore i will beat you till you bleed”. Sounds like a moron.

  • Epapi

    mild spanking can have the same negative effects as child abuse

  • Mike Palladino

    I disagree. That fear is what keeps one from being just like an animal. The ability to understand their actions could result in serious repercussions. That being said, I think the punishment should fit the crime. Obviously, I don’t know the whole story on this particular case, but if this has been an ongoing issue which it sounds like then I feel like the father did what he felt was necessary and I agree.
    My fear of my parent’s punishment never once stopped me from openly talking with them or made me love them any less. In fact, I am thankful for instilling that fear, as it most certainly kept me in line.

  • Mother of 5

    Good job dad! My momma always said if you don’t have respect for others I’ll beat respect into you!! Bet u learned today son!!

  • Epapi

    The fear of punishment is a different story. You’re arguing two different things now. Yes, fear of punishment from your parents (that is not physical violence) is normal but being AFRAID of your parents is completely wrong. If you were constantly beat for everything you did wrong, you would not be as open to your parents. I can 100% guarantee you that.

    I’m also taking the view point of a child/teen. This kid will never approach his father to ask him questions about drugs, sex or anything that may seem taboo to ask in society because he’ll fear his father will box him, instead of explain the issues around those topics.

  • Marquito Tomaz

    Sure have…and you?

  • KD Seville

    Twice a week. So you’d be in agreement that brain damage for minors is pretty stupid right? Oh wait… no. You disagree because you’ve never fought before and just fucking lied but this is the internet so you don’t have to be honest I guess.

  • KD Seville

    Fear does nothing but create resentment and hate.

  • Marquito Tomaz

    Shut cho soft ass up bitch. Crying over nothing. It’s not your fucking child so it don’t matter. People raise their children how they fucking want. Hop off..

  • KD Seville

    Dude, been there and done that. It doesn’t work. We all grow up and we all get back at our parents for doing this. 1 way or the other. Maybe it isn’t directly. Maybe it’s by harming oneself, but putting fear and not understanding into someone creates monsters. It never helped me. All it made me do was hide my actions better. You know for a fact that you didn’t learn from this. You learned from the accumulated life experiences. Not a father punching his son in the face.

  • KD Seville

    Nice to know that I just called you out for being a liar and you did nothing to argue against that. Instead you called me names and argued the fact that the kid wasn’t my son. Typical response from someone who got caught up. I bet you lie about all kinds of unnecessary shit, don’t you?

  • lacie

    This is beyond stupid and this is why so many young black men end up in gangs. Why would they stay at home if thats how they’re treated. Why not talk to the boy? Children grasp the concept of respect and discipline early on starting at age two. The more you hit them the less they respect you. Period. Why would they respect you or anyone else for that matter if you don’t respect them. By laying your hands on your child you are cursing every generation after them. I guess we’ll watch and see how this young man ends up. Probably deciplining his own child in the same matter because that what he thinks men do. Smh…

  • Marquito Tomaz

    Fuck you. That’s all. Lol

  • Cheryl Hall

    Grammar much?

  • Greg

    I have to say, this is the way it used to be. Discipline is lacking on kids these days. This type of discipline actually develops self worth because the teenager is able to discipline himself, because he was taught discipline and to respect his father. No, he won’t grow up hating his father because his father never once insulted him or called him a name. This kind of discipline actually provokes respect, just like the Army USED to be. Today there are more suicides in the army than ever.. why? It’s not from the people who have necessarily been deployed, it’s from those coming from abusive homes that need the discipline to develop self-worth that the Army no longer allows. Worthless can = suicide.

  • Tyler VanRed

    Probably not. As a young black man, I am glad to see this. My father did the same thing to me (my mom raised me and when she couldn’t handle me anymore sent me to my dads) he did everything he could without physical force to get my life back on track. Time outs, taking my allowance away, grounding (was griounded for 6 months at one point), took my privelages away. Then labor came in, mowing my neighbors yards, being sent to camps, doin volunteer work, made me lift weights until I couldn’t (got a little better still awful though). After years of failure and me constantly disrespecting teachers and acting like I had the right to do whatever I wanted, I raised my fists to my dad, and we fought. I thought I was so tough because I “won”. I took him to the ground and took off. The second time around, I quickly realized my dad didn’t know how to react the first time, and I was terrified to see what he was capable of. He took me down so fast and pinned me there. At that point I realized my dad could take me out at anytime and he was gracious enough to allow me to live the life I lived. He beat my ass. He’s still my hero and I just got off the phone with him, I love him more than anyone.

  • Cheryl Hall

    People who weren’t afraid of their parents never got that ass beat. I was terrified of my Mother finding out about my shenanigans and as always she did and there was a price to pay. Lucky me she was that way.

  • Cheryl Hall

    my mama beat my ass on a regular basis and I NEVER hated my Mother or ever raised a hand to her

  • A

    I call bullshit on this video. When the kid was sent to the kitchen there was no blood on his white shirt. 30 seconds later it looks like he murdered someone. This video is fake as hell

  • Epapi

    This is different behaviour than what’s going on here. Your father never raised his hands to hurt you, but merely to defend himself. He’s a good man.

  • Shawn

    I see no problem with this. The son could of stopped it at any time by simply running away. Also, I doubt you have some degenerate nigger as a son. And I am also willing to bet your set is younger than this, and you’ve yet to feel as if physical(Obviously not abuse) discipline is the answer.

  • Occam’s Lightsaber

    I would knocked my father clean out. This is child abuse though. They not even in the same weight class.

  • Shawn

    You are pathetic. You rather live in a world that’s build on rainbows and sunshine. The way I see it, father is preparing his son. Every parent has their difference. Look at the way animals treat their kids? They have almost the same behavior as we do with their young. And they don’t live in nearly as a fucked up society that we do. Who cares if the son grows up to hate his dad? I bet after he grows up he will be straight, and will also think twice about doing things. You rather be put in a time out? Pathetic. My parents never physically disciplined me, but they did to my other siblings. I wish they did to me. You can’t lie about skipping school. That’s for sure. AND if you think this is only going to make some kids lie better, then they clearly are already fucked up. And they deserve their disciplines, and much worse, personally they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. People who don’t fear consequences or lie to avoid them and low life pathetic worthless scum. And the world has enough of those, and with the generation up and coming now, we need to weed out as many of those pathetic excuses for humans as possible.

  • Shawn

    You are incredible unintelligent, your arguments are worthless and mean nothing. You are just some cry baby who got hit as a kid and still turned out fucked up. No amount of physical or non physical discipline was ever going to fix you. You were born a useless lowlife piece of shit who can’t handle discipline in any form.

  • Steve Black

    You sound like a bitch that was beat by your dad and you hate him for it. So to make you feel better about your self you make your self feel like it’s normal for this shit to happen. That’s how you sleep at night. If that man believed in what he did. He would not have posted it. He just wanted to show off. He can’t even box. Look how he tried to roll to the right and duck under on a short guy. He ends up with his head on kids hip. Lean back and step footwork is what you would do in that situation. He should be in jail because he was just acting like a ass and humiliation toward your son is not acceptable. I believe in tough love. When your kid gets bad with you and means it. Put him in his place. But this was not that situation. It was a overgrown old man wanting to look tough for his friends. Look how I can beat up my kid. Now this kid got to deal with punks playing this in school and torches ingredients him until he snaps. Don’t even type back because your not worth my time.

  • Arnold Bandy

    Like I said before, you forget words and talks, but you never forget a whoopin, One of my friends in high school was as rough and tough as they come, struck fear as he walked down the hallways, but he was fair and pretty honest, when I saw him with his Dad, I found out why, it was all “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”, respect becomes a way of life…

  • Primo Brutha

    This is outright child abuse and it should be reported to Child Protective Services….This boy will grow up being “gay”, or have those tendencies because his own father is physically abusing him….

  • James Anthony LaRocco

    only problem is the Dad is 3 times his size, and has more experience with boxing Fuck Heads

  • Yhandesha McFarland

    You are telling the truth KD. I have that same experience. My sister and I have a great deal of resentment for our mom. My sister more than myself. Once I became a mom, I physically disciplined my son. Once he became about 11 years old, I made a CONSCIOUS decision that that was not the way I wanted my son to obey me, through fear. I want my son to obey me out of RESPECT. I was never given the chance to obey my mother out of genuine respect. I am 37 years old, and it still disgusts me. So many people have problems articulating and physical discipline is all they know. And your right, it doesn’t stop you from doing wrong, only makes you hide it better.

  • Lance

    Without is ONE WORD. Great “journalism” when you can’t even spell a word right in the HEADLINE. Yikes!

  • Primo Brutha

    If this video gets to the local Police Department, this will be treated as an assault on a minor and that so-called dad will be locked up and charged with child abuse, assault and all kinds of charges because that bloody shirt puts the crime to what he did to this boy…so YES, it is child abuse, and YES, it should be reported to the DC Child Protective Service and the DC Police Department. and THAT is exactly what I am doing right now…

  • John Bochniak

    I got my as beat on a regular basis as a kid. It never happened twice for the same thing because I was a creative little asshole, but my dad put me in my place with force when needed. Given what I see from kids these days, I wondered what the kid also did like mouthing off and telling dad he could whip his ass. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did mouth off and threaten him. If so, good job to the dad. Maybe the kid will stop being a prick. There’s got to be more to the story than the kid just leaving school early without permission.

  • Todd Markarian

    And could have beat his ass worse. But didnt… And let him walk when he was done

  • KD Seville

    Are you done calling people names over the internet? Do you feel like a man? Really tough. Got it all out of your system? I bet you’d hit a kid too. But I’m pathetic. Notice how I didn’t even need to resort to name calling to make you look like exactly what you are. I’m glad that I provided that release for you because it’s obvious that if this is how you comment and talk to people, your life is bad enough. You don’t need me to tear into your soul. Have a blessed evening.

  • Zach

    You really think the dad was right here? First of all, most of you are forgetting his grade school speech at the beginning. He said, if his son ditches school, all he has to do is call dad and everything is peachy. That’s problem number one. What lesson is he teaching his son? It’s ok to skip school if you call dad but not ok to skip school if you don’t call him? WTF? Really? What kind of father is that? So what that says is the father was just showing off for FB to see him beat someone up less than half his size and probably has 150 pounds on him. Secondly, that is not how to discipline your child, if that’s what he really was doing, which he clearly was not.

  • Charles Antoine Jr

    White devils and coons will never understand!

  • KD Seville

    But mind you… it’s tough to take someone seriously when they literally don’t exist. Even if my pic doesn’t show my face, at least there’s 1 there. Because YOU said my argument was worthless, I’m supposed to accept that? LMMFAO. Let’s make something clear buddy…. 7 billion people on this planet. 1 human makes no difference. The comment saying that what I said was true however meant that it wasn’t worthless at all because nobody would’ve agreed. I hope you don’t attack the lady as you did me but knowing your type, it isn’t beneath you.

  • KD Seville

    Thank you. This other guy is a troll so don’t even lose your self respect by responding to him. I already did and I regret it. I think it’s like that with everyone. It’s the equivalent of saying that slaves were better for getting whipped.

  • Yari

    All you people that say this ok is dumb asf and shoild go to hell i got to the point where i was tierd of getting hit i hit them back boy did they stop real quick

  • Charles Antoine Jr
  • Epapi

    you just compared the complexity of a human mind to simplistic animal behaviour. Not even worth my time.

  • KD Seville

    Oh… and… buddy….. people who rule by fear almost always have been bitched in there past or ruled by the same tactics so it helps them build self esteem to do it to others. Making you a bully. Last time I checked, bullies were THEE biggest pussies once they stepped up to someone who didn’t up up with that shit…do your research… Most confident men don’t even resort to violence in the slightest because they already have a mental handle on things…. you just allowed yourself to get schooled.

  • Charles Antoine Jr

    It’s okay for cops to kill our kids but devils have a problem with this.. I guess it’s because they wanted to do it themselves.

  • Revolt

    Are you fucking kidding me? A parent makes his 12 year old child box him, and we debate whether or not this is abuse? The muhfucca looked like he was really enjoying beating up a child too. The thing that bother me most about this video is at the end when he humiliates him at the end by forcing him to address the teacher and his peers. Humiliation is a form of psychological torture and torturing your child should never be condoned. Also, it’s not like this kid committed a crime, he cut out of class for fuck sake. This video wreaks of sadism….This is ABUSE.

  • Mikey Espineuva

    Ppl talking about father being 3 times the size its the same shit in fight gym during training we just as hard he wasn’t even going 100% its good to see this there are too many little teenage punks with no discipline these days I’m a father myself I Ja e two boys best believe I will be teaching and bestowing discipline in turn they will learn to give respect to get respect and most of all respect themselves and for them being half Pinoy half Thai they’re gonna repect they’re elders that’s a must in our cultures… Good job dad!

  • Mikey Espineuva

    His son is 17yrs old homie in a couple months or next year he’s old enough to to in list into the military and even go fight in the war against ISIS if he so choose …!

  • Valentine_hd

    nothing wrong with this at all. 1. he gave the kid a chance to actually hit him back 2. pops wasnt even going hard at allll 3. the msg behind it was cool

    and im 21

  • Im just the janitor

    He put some respeck on it

  • Revolt

    not sure why i heard 12 but the fact remains he was forced to fight him and even though the parent wasn’t that great a boxer the kid was no match for him. I still also hate the humiliation part…

  • Mackinzie Rummans

    I was born in the 80s. I was taught to give my seat to elders at family gatherings, say please and thank you, open doors for anyone older then myself and RESPECT adults. I don’t agreen or disagree with his discipline style. Our society seems to think that it’s okay for children to disrespect, run the household and do what they want regardless of disipline like it’s ENTITLED. Parents need to be able to PARENT and our society feels the need to be involved in every angle. Every PARENT has the right to raise their children as they see fit.

  • Anthonyd Smith

    Im glad it happened, and maybe if some white folks would stop being friends with their kids and be their parents and put a foot in their asses to put them on the straight and narrow, stop labeling people around him that are different than him as “outsiders,” or “troublemakers,” because 90% of a child’s view of the world comes from the parents. Views are being passed on, whether it be about religion, class, sexism, and especially RACISM. What you see on display in people like Dylan Root, George Zimmerman, and others like him are the racism from the parents. And i know some butthurt person is going to respond with their feelings hurt, but what motivation would drive a young white boy to go into a church, let alone an all black one, and kill them after joining their bible study? Because of the views being drilled into him daily. And that same racism is the same one that will catch a cop killing a fleeing suspect but grant him bail, but give a cop killer one. How ironic. And who are these “silent people” donating to their defense fund?

  • Kannjii

    hey not to be mean you talking about all that but would you still be setting a bad example for kids, if your gonna guide them you should even be violent as well as be swearing being a keyboard warrior we understand that you wanna sound tough but either way you also sound like an idiot with your talk, you say you will beat him but you also say you are suppose to guide your child, mentally a kid will learn that they screwed up if they are being disciplined by getting a beating, and when you show violence around a kid they obviously will think its ok and do exactly what you did, also the dad is treating his son like a man if he has the balls to disrespect an adult he should be ready to get treated like an adult after all he is one and most of the time a teen wants to be treated like an adult.

  • Kannjii

    if you dont give them a reason to not skip especially with this generation they will repeat it cause they feel they have power so it was an appropriate way to handle the situation, this generation grows up talking back to their parents not getting hit or anything but lectures but it goes in one ear out the other if they dont learn one way do it another, well thats my opinion at lease.

  • Randy Scovel

    The great teacher! This guy is my hero….better his dad than getting capped

  • Randy Scovel

    J dont have no sense…guarantee, he will respect and love his father

  • Ronnie Richmond

    Fathers have been teaching their sons respect and how to defend themselves since the beginning of time. I wish I had a father that was willing to do this with me. I can’t defend myself at all. He had all the protective equipment. Mouth guard and gloves so what’s the big deal? I went to school with a boy that had eight brothers and his father was a navy seal, they boxed for fun instead of going out and getting in trouble. Besides that he didn’t hit the boy to hard, the boy had a chance to learn something. Sure his father got in a few good ones but so did he. At least he’s being a father unlike a lot of men.

  • C

    People who are talking about you should fear your parents……..y’all are fucking stupid and I feel sorry for you
    You should never fell afraid of your parents they are supposed to protect you and make you feel safe
    You should RESPECT your parents
    This man is doing nothing by beating his child he says he’s doing it for discipline and learning how to protect himself by you should never hit a child to the point that they’re bleeding and bruised
    A Spanking is understandable but the fact that he beat his own child like this is fucking DISGUSTING and if my husband ever put hands on my child like the id beat the shit out of him myself

  • Jaboy Fry

    Stupid shit !! Hope he gets in trouble for this.. No head-gear and dad is trying to hurt his son. Dumb shit

  • Melissa Lowe

    He’s going to grow up respecting his dad & other adults….you won’t see him out killing people trying to get respect from the streets.

  • Melissa Lowe

    A true father who found a productive way to discipline his mischievous teenage son…love it. We won’t have to worry about him being a statistic & out her pulling guns & killing people. He will know how to respect people & have self respect.

  • Melissa Lowe

    He should fear authority & respect his parents as well as himself…he could have a gun & rob & kill you coming out the grocery store with your kids…then you’ll have something different to say but this day is keeping his son, which is 1 year from an adult from being that type of young man….or he could be in a gang fight & end up dead…but he won’t be because his dad is a big participant in his life trying to prevent those things from happening. A little azz whooping is better than a gun shot wound. These kids are tough, fearless with no emotional concern…he’s saving his son.

  • James Rios

    You think it was supposed to be fair??? You must think life is supposed to be fair as well. Good luck with that.

  • Michelle DawnMarie Wilson John

    Stupid kid. Think he’s a cool nigga an cuttin class and dissin his teacher! Dad… You alright! If this dad wanted to he could have knocked the stupid out of his son. That boy hit back. He should be thankful his dad cares about him and teaching him to fight!

  • James Rios

    You must not have read the part where he wrote “He beat my ass.”

  • William J. Peper ♛

    You must not have read the part where he ,the son, is the aggressor in both instances. His father was simply defending himself. You have eyes, use them to read.

    “The second time around, I quickly realized my dad didn’t know how to react the first time, and I was terrified to see what he was capable of. He took me down so fast and pinned me there.”


  • William J. Peper ♛

    KD just destroyed you, lol. Fuck outta here.

  • Dontaiz

    I’m projecting when I say this but if it was me I wouldn’t agree with it. I always had common sense and a better person than my father. If he ever raised his hand to me, I’d knock his hypocritical ass out. As far as the actual video, I’m torn. Have no idea what to say on whether he deserved it or not

  • Sorche Renea

    As a parent, hitting your child is just as bad as your child laying a hand on you. You are suppose to respect your children. You want them to respect you do you not? So respect them. Beating the shit out of them is not the way to respect them. They are going to grow up thinking anytime they see anyone do anything wrong that its okay if they beat the hell out of them. Its time to grow up and put your childs feelings first. For the ones saying its okay to do this then you need to go to counseling and/or sit down and think to yourself, “does it feel good when i get hurt, does it feel good when someone beats me down, did it feel good when i got these same consequences handed to me”. If you can seriously sit there and put your child through pain, without feeling a single ache in your heart than you do not need that child. You need to think of other ways to discipline your kid. Send him to a weekend stay at your jail and make him think he actually got arrested for something, scare him into acting right, show him what could happen if he decides to keep acting up and showing his ass, but do not, for the love of god, hit your child like this.

  • Tony

    My children would be terrified of doing anything wrong before this age, so this would never happen.

  • Zach Bacon

    found the teen.

  • Faileh

    The fact that he made him bleed and continued to hit him after he started crying. I see that as abuse. I’m all for giving someone a good spanking, but once you actually make the kid bleed, you have stepped boundaries and gone too far.

  • Kingofthehill

    Whooo… thats a badass dad IMO. I got the belt, i wish my dad gave me a chance with gloves LOL…i was towering over him at 11 already. But hell no is this punishment. Pop’s held a lot of power back, got his point across and put his son in check. He might of possibly saved his son’s life by teaching him to not give up and when its time to walk away.

  • brian tokarski

    No. Why would you even bring up “Criminal Charges”….thats the problem these days with society. For some reason we love making the perpetrators of violence and anyone who walks around and disrespects everyone as the victim. Well what about the other 29 students in his class who missed out on 10 minutes plus of however long it was of time to be taught. What about them? I’m glad he got his ass whooped. I’m tired of seeing kids these days doing the crap they do. And then when they push too far and wind up being shot by a cop because the kid thinks he is untouchable, society wants to blame the police officer. You guys who are saying to press charges need to move to another country, maybe one that has all their laws ass backwards in the name of political correctness and a country that has no consequences for acting like an asshat.

  • atunionbob

    I do not think this could be abuse. Lesson learned YES. He could have beat the kid senseless, but did not. He taught the kid to box at the same time, told him how to hold up his hands to defend himself as well as jab and punch. Sure he is 17 and Dad is in his 30s. But. Good lesson taught. Bravo to dad, Bravo to son for admitting he did wrong and took his medicine like a man.

  • brian tokarski

    No, not really. I know a ton of people who get disciplined by being beat. In their teenage years, they’ll hate you….but they’ll know the value of respect, and they’ll pay attention in class. And once they get in to their mid twenties, they’ll have a bond with their father that others will be jealous of. I got my ass whooped as a kid. I hated it at the time, but I’m not 33 years old and I appreciate being disciplined so I didn’t turn out being a statistic and being in jail or something.

    Know this…look at all the kids these days who don’t get disciplined. Look at the trends of today compared to that of before the 80s. You didn’t need metal detectors and cops stationed at schools. Nor did you have gang violence in almost every public school out there. Think about it.

  • brian tokarski

    You know, just because you fight don’t mean you are going to have brain damage. I’m sure his pop wasn’t laying in to him like he was fighting for his life or anything…..

    Now I know you will say “well look at all the blood” – are you not aware of how easy it is to bloody someones nose and how once it starts coming, it comes out a lot.

    And I guess you have brain damage, because you didn’t catch anyone in a lie. He said “yes”, and there is nothing in that word that dictates that he is lying lol. I hope you aren’t just trying to troll, because that was a very poor attempt at it…smh

  • brian tokarski

    well you sure don’t sound like a father….thats for sure. Let me guess, you still think its cool to walk around and sound like an ignorant “gangstaaaaaaaaa”? smh…

  • brian tokarski

    fear of punishment doesn’t just appear out of thin air dude. You have to lay out the ground work for that….you don’t just wake up and say “I better do this because I don’t want to come home and not get punished because I’ve never been punished in my life, or if I was punished it was a minimal one because my parents are too scared to discipline me due to idiots crying about other peoples business”

    And thats not true about the father being unapproachable. I know a lot of people who respect their father and their views. They feel unafraid of approaching him if the father is doing his job right. You need to open your eyes a bit more because its very narrow minded to make up a scenario that fits your argument and then say, it couldn’t happen any other way.

  • brian tokarski

    Sorry but I don’t agree with you. The reason we have so many aggressive men AND women out there is because they’re allowed to run their households due to the constraints put on them. While they can discipline thier kids in the house, they can’t in public places. And once children see that they can push their limits in public places, its over. Sitting them down and saying how its wrong isn’t going to do anything either. Seriously, do people not remember their thought process when they were children?

    And they were boxing. Its not like he was cold cocking him when he wasn’t paying attention. The blood you saw we cuz he got caught in the nose. Honestly tho, its the complete opposite is why you see the gang bangers running around or even the women who want to go around and act nothing like what a lady should.

    It doesn’t make him think that he has to treat others that way either. It just shows him that there are consequences for his actions. Whether its good or bad. You don’t know how he rewards his son for doing good, you only see what he showed you in the video.

    People assume way too much…

  • brian tokarski

    you do realize that a little drop of blood will expand in to a much bigger blotch on a cotton white tee shirt? His nose was bleeding…thats not a lot in comparison to other nose bleeds lol.

  • brian tokarski

    I doubt he woke up and just came up with the idea that he would tell his son to cut class. You’re an idiot man…..

    He likely told his son this because he don’t want his son roaming the streets when the father doesn’t know where he is. Plus he could better treat the situation if he knew it was going on. So I’m not even going to get in to the rest of what you said, but you are in no position to be calling anything stupid based on the response you gave in this thread…..

  • Diego Romero

    shut up fagget

  • porsche-is-da-best

    that still doesnt mean shit idiot. great job taking thigs out of contexta nd acting like your oh so smart, dumbass

  • Tamara

    Ur a poor excuse for a father n should be locked up ugly Ass u think u look good u look soft on like u get beat up so u have to beat Ur son

  • ramzi

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people are cool with this, your soft or a punk if you don’t agree? Really? Dude might be a biological father, but he’s nobody’s Dad. It’s people like this who give black fathers a bad name. What’s this foolishness, you don’t think he could damage this child, what have we become, barbarians. We can’t differentiate between right and wrong, wtf. Really? one last think, manufacturing jobs are becoming scarce, I’m black, and this is Bull Shit, let’s teach our children to think under pressure and maybe we’ll never have to defend ourselves.

  • Levon McCutcheon

    The guy that claims he “fights” twice a week has some experience with brain damage.

  • Levon McCutcheon

    You are describing your reaction to fear. Stop assuming everyone else reacts the way that you do.

  • Pokkuru


  • Mike Prontiker

    Never child abuse. If they were training for a fight it wouldn’t be child abuse. He didn’t exert bodily harm on his child beyond discipline. His son learned a lesson. More so than if he took his phone away. We need more father’s like this

  • KD Seville

    Yeah that’s good to hear man.

  • Levon McCutcheon

    Man, liberals read whatever they want to read. No matter what the words actually say.

  • KD Seville

    Yeah, that’s good man….

  • Heather English

    There’s a big difference in fearing your parents and fearing the repercussions of your actions. I love and cherish my father, I truly think he is one of the best men I’ve ever met and certainly the best father. However, don’t think for a minute he didn’t beat my butt if/when I needed it. But I certainly didn’t fear my father, I feared the consequences of my actions.

  • Adon legends

    I’m not raising my children to be animals. I had someone say “black men fight that’s what we do” I don’t want my son raised to be a typical n. No educated parent does this.

  • zeldafitzgerald

    Is he covered in blood?

    In Australian that father would be arrested and charged with assault.

  • ChoMama

    He should’ve at least had him wear headgear.

  • Philip Himmelreich

    I guess this could go 2 different ways…the kid could learn or the kid will grow up to hate his father and take out his aggressions on other people or self abuse

  • Kim Edwards

    Straight fuckery!!!!

  • Kim Edwards

    It does matter. When this child is out in society lashing out at people because this is the way that he’s taught at home to deal with problems…I beg to differ it does matter!

  • Kim Edwards

    He got his ass beat not because he disrespected the teacher by walking out of her class but because he didn’t call his punk ass father to let him know that he walked out of the class. Straight fuckery!!!

  • Marquito Tomaz

    Do me a favor…hold my Johnson

  • Ron Mack

    For some reason the video would not play. I’ll just say. If pops don’t best him, cops will KILL him. And they will not be charge with murder. Disrespected the teacher huh? Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • X DjHouston Collins

    That’s prolly why you Kant fight. Fuck head

  • Elise Monroe

    Epapi , thank you for breaking it down for him. One beat down because he physically disrespected his father is not the same as busting his kid’s face on social media for walking out of class is not the same thing

  • Elise Monroe

    You would have hated her if your beatings were made public for the world to see.

  • Elise Monroe

    Yeah. Like the death penalty right?

  • shaun

    my dad in the 80s beat the bricks off of me i mean i got knocked the fuck out picked up by my hair and thrown at my bedroom wall then snapped with a belt an im glad he did it made me a better man that im am now. its more better then this time out go to the corner bs that shit dont work the kid thinks ls all there going to do is send me to the cornor and i can get away with anything i want you cant spank your kid it’s illegal and that why theres these punk kids that have no respect for no one because they didnt get discipline they got the corner or a time out if trumps wins i hope he changes the law to just spanking not where it harm the kid just so you can discipline the kid .because i know democrats wont they want your kids to be pussys not men

  • Marky Michaels

    You raised your children to be independent then get angry when they exert that independence. This is a typical response from a control freak. My daddy was quick with a belt, especially when it mattered. However, there were many times when it didn’t matter, minor offenses that hurt his pride more than my character, and that could have been easily solved another way. But he was a control freak. So it took me 25 -30 years old before I learned to make decisions on my own, and even then I made many wrong choices.
    Yes, the father could have solved this another way, and had he been doing so all along it would have never come to blows.

  • Marky Michaels

    AND was hitting him in the head/face.

  • I hated my father. When I was a teen I chose to never become pregnant because I didn’t want a child who had to put up with a father, and swore if I ever did become pregnant I would never tell the father so he would have no claims on the baby. My dad was a prick and my mother was a bi-polar mess.
    All this kid learned today is that his father will beat him down if he doesn’t do as told.
    He didn’t learn to behave properly in society out of love and respect for other people, he only learned to fear his dad, and for that he will become stronger and think about the day he can whoop his dad’s ass, if he survives his childhood at all.

  • His dad’s ego was hurt, that’s all. All he taught his son was to obey him out of fear, not to act properly in society out of respect for other people.
    Kid took many hard hits to his head, and his dad could have given him a concussion. His dad is a punk, probably puts the boxing gloves on his wife too. It wouldn’t surprise me to know he kicks the dog as well.

  • He didn’t learn anything except to fear his dad. He didn’t learn not to act up because he should respect others, only because dad will beat him down, which may only be a temporary deterrent, not a lesson based on values and good decision making.
    What happens when dad dies?

  • Gene

    Honestly it looks like he’s doing a good job with his son. His son looks like a good kid, and chances are it’s because of his dad’s parenting. As long as it’s when his son messes up really badly, and not just because he feels like it, then I say more power to him. More parents need to be harder with their kids. I see children 8 and 9 years old swearing in front of their parents, yelling and talking back to their parents, and hitting their parents, and nothing done about it. My daughters can explain to anyone step by step the process I use to discipline them. They are both extremely caring, considerate young ladies, and they are always respectful to everyone. Teach your kids, or one day the streets will teach them for you…

  • Baalberith

    this fucking ignorant thinks he is educating his son but the truth is he’s just terrorizing the kid. This type of actings doesn’t teach how to make good decisions or how to be independent, it just generates fear

  • KD Seville

    That’s called education bro. No need for fear. Fear is not education because fear closes off curiosity in and of itself.

  • Muad’dib

    ha ha

  • Sansevieria

    Humiliating on Facebook is abuse. Whether you think so or not. The thing is that once you post something on the Internet, it has a way of always being out there. This kind of crap could come back to haunt them years later in their adult lives. And don’t even tell me “well they should have thought of that” because that’s like saying a girlfriend or wife who is battered on Facebook “should have thought about” what the abuser claims she did to set him off…

  • Dakota Tomlinson

    My dad was a COP
    My dad knew what it was like to be out there on the streets
    Day in day out
    We wouldn’t throw punches
    But we would wrestle
    My father passed away last year
    In the early years of my life, I was a bully, and once my dad found out, he wrestled me for the first time
    He destroyed me
    But this father was right
    See, I was only a bully, because I had been bullied before, and the only way to stop them from bullying me, was to help them bully others
    Once my dad found this out he apoligized and said he would never do it again
    However, like this dad said, it’s a way to get out aggression
    From then on our, anytime I needed, we fought
    Ended up punching and kicking and whatever, but nothing dirty
    Now, I’m a big boy, 6’2 330
    My dad was 6’7 380
    So closing in on my 16th birthday, we were bout the same
    And, still, till the day he died, he said anytime I’m mad, I take it out in the football field, or we square up at the house
    My dad said when I turned 18 we were gonna have one fight, no holds barred, so that he could show me no matter how old I get, he could always beat my ass
    His dad had done the same thing, and if I have a son close to my size, or bigger, we gon do it to
    Unfortunately, my dad never lived to see me turn 17, let alone 18
    So we never got our fight
    Some would say that’s prolly a good thing, but I looked forward to it
    I miss my dad everyday, and wish he could come back, even if it was just for one more match.

  • Sansevieria

    He’s already lost the argument because all he can do is throw out insults. I’m sure I’ll get one too. I’m curious to see what it is…

  • James Darby

    Nobody here has any right or the knowledge required to judge this man. So much more information around this we don’t know. His father could be a stand up guy who’s all about respect and is teaching his son the gravity of what can happen if you disrespect the wrong person. Or he could be a deadbeat drunk abusive man. Not one single poster here knows so your opinions mean nothing, but feel free to continue to make yourselves look stupid.

  • Jack Durnford

    At last his daddy gave him the advantage of using gloves. In my day it was straight hands and feet for less than that. Kids now a days need to learn respect and with how the world going they need to know self defense

  • Drew Faust

    So you suffer from brain damage KD? That’s basically what you said so your statements are invalid because you’re brain is fucked.
    I also don’t think you’ve had any kids.

  • Drew Faust

    No he won’t. My dad beat the shit out of me for some dumb ass shit and I still love him. Just because you hate your father for beating your rotten ass, doesn’t mean everyone will

  • Drew Faust

    I’ve been beat in public by my father, I still love him. Sorry you hate your mother because she disciplined your shitty ass.

  • Drew Faust

    Nope, you’re wrong again KD. I feared my dad but I don’t hate or resent him. Do you live in some delusion where everyone reacts the same to everything? Just because you hate your dad, doesn’t mean everyone will hate theirs. The majority of us get over it and move on like adults.

  • Drew Faust

    You’re wrong again. I lied a lot as a child and getting my ass beat for it all the time made me stop. Stop assuming your experiences apply to everyone. Get your education from somewhere else other than social media click bait articles.

  • Drew Faust

    My punishment was an ass whooping so your assumption is based off ignorance. Get out of your fantasy world where everyone reacts the same.

  • Drew Faust

    You are just full of bullshit aren’t you? Stop describing yourself and applying it to the world. An ass whooping didn’t work for you because you were just a shitty kid who gave no fucks. I learned to not lie from ass whoopings when I was young, not accumulated life experiences. Just because your child hood was trash and you dealt with it shitty, doesn’t mean we all deal with this type of crap as shitty as you. Some of us actually learned from it, which your hard-headed ass didn’t.

  • Drew Faust

    And your kid will grow up to be an unruley piece of shit. This is when kids get in a habit of lying because there are no real consequences.

  • ltmays

    he went a little too far and shouldnt have put it on facebook

  • Maggie Rae

    This father was not abusing his son. As he said, he was disciplining his son and teaching him how to defend himself at the same time. Those little taps “up-side-his-head” didn’t kill him and they won’t kill him. The kid seems like a decent and respectful young man because he did not attempt to even hurt is dad. Plus he apologized to his teacher in an appropriate way.

    Plus, keep in mind that dad did not beat the stew out of his son, he took the time to talk to him as they were boxing in an instructive and explanatory way; in other words, he did what all good teachers do: demonstrate, explain, student practice, and follow-up. Excellent job dad and son. Tell you what, I don’t think this young man will ever give the Police cause for doing to him what his dad did, but even more severe.

  • Elise Monroe

    I live my mother because she never beat me. Only animals do that. Duck ass! And she raised three amazing human beings. Who don’t beat their children. Ass wipe!

  • Elise Monroe

    And an ass whopping in front of people is hardly as humiliating as being on the Internet for the world to see. Potential colleges, potential employers. You are as ignorant and as stupid as the father who thought he was exhibiting good parenting skills.

  • Drew Faust

    You’re just mad that I pointed out the flaw in your logic. Idiots like you are the reason these dumb videos get spread and follow kids like this their whole lives. Bitch about the video, cry how videos like this can impact an individual’s future while you help spread it. Makes sense.

  • Amos Flamdo

    what the dad did was right if i had a kid and he walked out of school i would do the same probably worse be cause he destroyed his future and his to be kid (if he was planning to)

  • KD Seville

    I don’t care what you think. There’s a study on it so there had to be a number of families studied for there to be a study and it basically proved my point so on that note, you people can say what you want but the only people who seem to argue against my point are assholes so it’s not making your argument any better but then again your argument just points out things that you think about me personally so even though I tried to add value to your opinion I’m still under obligation to take it with a grain of salt.

  • KD Seville

    There’s a study that basically proves that this video is harmful to the 17 year old minor taking shots to his brain from his own father. It doesn’t even say “negative effects” it simply says “long term effects” so that simply means that the only effect to come from physical discipline… with that being said, I don’t have anything else to say. Science is backing me. Now for you people condoning this… so I guess it’s safe to assume (and I see many people with ancestors as slaves) that you all also believe that beating slaves made them better people as well huh? That’s essentially your logic. And one of the results from the study shows that people who were physically disciplined turned out to be assholes and the only people arguing against me seem to point out everything besides the actual point, making comments about me and not about the actual topic so you’re just adding more validity to what I’m saying. Hitting a child does not work. It creates terrible people who I’m so glad are just the vocal minority and not the silent majority as I’m about to be a part of because all you internet warriors seem to grow an extra pair when nobody can meet you face to face but that’s all I had to say. L8R H8Rs..

  • Drew Faust

    Source the study or you haven’t proven any point. You’re also under no “obligation to take it with a grain of salt”. I’m not under any obligation to take what you said with a grain of salt but I am going to because you haven’t proven any of your claims with your English that is a lot worse than mine.

  • KD Seville

    I don’t know who you are nor do I care about your opinion. I’m only replying to this waste of time because my phone notified me and for some reason the notification light won’t stop blinking unless I go to the notie directly. Some nobody is telling me my grammar is worse than his because that’s what this is because English has very few rules on a literary format so that’s one for your ego… And again, you’re a nobody. I don’t have to prove shit to you. I looked it up so you can to. I’m not proving shit to you… again… not proving shit to you, another human on this planet that has no control nor documented status stating that I owe you a damn thing.

  • Drew Faust

    Your inability to source these “facts” just tells the internet youre full of shit. You’re just flapping at the gums at this point. You have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to the English language either. Just another bullshit excuse from your typical, internet degree, moron. You’re ignorance filled comments made me smile tho.

  • KD Seville

    But the proof is actually out there lmao. So yeah, sounds interesting bro. I’ll get back to you some other time.

  • KD Seville

    And you have nothing but comments showing you basically talking shit about everyone else you’re commenting to. I didn’t even realize that. 9/10 times, someone like you is just simply unreasonable. Like all you have to do is look up long term effects of physical discipline or anything remotely close, those words are less than a fraction of everything you typed so far. I can’t believe that I actually wasted time talking to you. All you seem to want to do is be an asshole to everyone you’re talking to so I should just assume that you’re a troll because who wouldn’t just look the shit up themselves right??????? right. So on that note, you’re blocked… I don’t argue with fools.

  • Drew Faust

    I just wanted to point out the logical fallacies of idiots like yourself. And you got your butthole sore. The burden of proof isn’t on me, I’m not declaring a damn thing as fact but you are. You’re just another fool yelling at the top of his lungs. You won’t prove shit because you can’t. You can’t even read since I said I was abused as a child and guess what? I love my dad. I know all about the long term effects of abuse and want to know what’s funny? Everyone deals with it differently. You would have seen this during all your “research” from the multiple studies found. Not one study polls the entire populous so you must read multiple. You know nothing. If you were as smart as you pretend and did all the research you claim, than you would have picked up on how to use proper grammar and punctuation because those 2 things determine the context of the speach. Spelling is irrelevant, grammar/punctuation is important. In EVERY language.

  • KD Seville

    I’ve seen the comments that you’ve left for everyone else… you’re a troll and you just won this argument for me. LMAO. Thank you. My work here is done.

  • Drew Faust

    No, you’re just mad that you’re just a moron who got caught trying to be smart. Just like the rest who got called out. Typical reaction from someone who is ignorant and can not provide facts, “you’re a troll!” The famous losing cry of modern day internet morons.

  • KD Seville

    Compare my comments with other people with yours…. yep… I’m REALLY mad and you’re not lmao.

  • Drew Faust

    Listen kid. You have no argument. No facts. Nothing. You are no one and are pissed you got called out so you resort to the typical cry of “troll!” Keep typing, you never proved a point and you will prove mine.

  • Elise Monroe

    Excuse me but what flaw? It is your ridiculous logic that’s flawed? I didn’t post a video dumb ass. Nor would I ever post a video of my child being punished for the purposes of likes from people that give 0 Fucs about mine. “Just mad”? How fucking old are you? Why would I get mad at anything you said. See what punches to the head get you. Thank your father for those butterflies floating around in that empty vessel you call a head.

  • KD Seville

    Because you said so huh? lol. Yeah, awesome story bro. Like I said … your comment history can be viewed and compared to mine. You look pretty aggressive lol. First it was English and now it’s “gr ammar” lmao. Now you don’t have to spell words right anymore either? lmao I can’t!
    If you don’t spell them right then technically they don’t exist. And still, I’ve only called you an asshole all this time. You’re proving my point more and more. I’m just letting it build up…

  • Drew Faust

    Because I said so, why not? Everyone apparently has to believe in this study that you cant prove exist. Also, grammar is part of English, damn you keep proving my point. Spelling is irrelevant because it usually doesn’t change the context. Grammar does. One fuck up can completely change the meaning of the sentence. Educate yourself, you learn this crap in school. I can mispell a word by one letter and it stills exists. Wtf are you even talking about? And still, I’ll call you a moron again, moron.

  • Drew Faust

    Also, don’t contradict yourself if you’re trying to prove how smart you are.

  • KD Seville

    I’m gonna let this sit here and let the people marvel at how “intelligent” you are, this is my swan song because I just can’t top this. You literally made this the easiest schooling of someone in my life lmao.

  • KD Seville

    Oh and side note….Show my contradiction. And you’re preeeeetty aggressive with the name calling. One of the long term effects of physical discipline lmao. Again… point proven. Like I said, all I called you was an asshole. “Our comment history can be viewed.” Need I say more?

  • Drew Faust

    OK and I just keep calling you a moron. You calling me an asshole is aggressive so what’s your point? That your dad fucked you up and you cant move on with your life?You’re going to keep crying about name calling? Also, you have yet to prove anything. If people view your comment history, it’ll show contradictions and ignorance. You claim that you state facts but don’t provide proof. Someone else states “facts” and you say, “oh cause you said so?” Hypocrisy. Don’t even know what you say.

  • Drew Faust

    You schooled no one. There was no debate. You failed to provide facts. And now you keep crying and repeating yourself. You have shown no intelligence, just flapping your hole.

  • Drew Faust

    What was flawd in what I said? Nothing, stating a fact from personal experience. Your logic is that the person would hate the parent if they were beaten as a child, and that is a general assumption that is false. That’s your flawed logic. My dad never punched my head you silly girl. More assumptions fueled by your anger of being made into a public fool. Fucking moron. Your response showed how mad you are.

  • KD Seville

    You called me more than a moron. Fact. I’ve only called you an asshole. Fact. And you’re not an asshole because I called you one. You’re an asshole because you are. That’s a fact. Your comment on my intelligence based on comments on a forum is a generalization on a basis that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Assholes stink and so does your personality. Your world does not matter to me. In this world, you’re an aggressive asshole that decided to comment on something that had nothing to do with you, your assumptions about my past have no proof to them. My deductions about your personality, so far, in this world, has plenty of evidence.

  • KD Seville

    Namaste, you be blessed. Whatever comment you have for me, I will simply let it pass. I don’t have time for this. Good night.

  • K

    youre both fucking retarded

  • basil

    all we fucking know is that kid is not going to grow up normal probably suffered concussions but the father clearly having a disability of some sort, doesn’t realize that because he’s but fuck retarded, and deserves to be executed and put out like a dog for child abuse, nearly killing him

  • basil

    that kid nearly got killed, look at him how much blood loss, thats pretty bad may have suffered concussions. The fathers inanity to think caused this and this being a minor being beaten like this, the father should literally get executed or jailed for attempted murder on a minor by savage beating

  • Talia Valdez

    I took boxing for 3 yrs s s a teen and am brain damage free. 2 of my kids box age 7 and 12 and they don’t have brain damage either it must be a miracle.@@@!!

  • Mike Palladino

    No, fear is a deterrent, as I originally stated.

  • Daniel

    Can’t* probably* learn how to spell

  • Drew Faust

    Just because you say it’s fact, doesn’t make it fact. Based off your logic, everything I said is true. You say it’s fact that I’m an asshole based off my comments, well it’s fact that you’re a moron based off your comments. I’m just using your shitty logic. My world obviously does matter to you which is why you keep responding to defend your “intelligence”, yet have failed to prove otherwise. Your logic, applies to yourself fully. You’re a complete moron.” My deductions about your personality, so far, in this world, has plenty of evidence.” I just have to replace personality with the word intelligence and it fully applies to you. Your flawed logic is going against yourself you moron. Maybe you shouldn’t have dropped out of school and been a shitty kid, maybe your dad wouldn’t have beat the shit out of you and you wouldn’t have all this anger and resentment built up. Grow up, let it go and get an education boy.

  • Drew Faust

    Keep commenting, please. It’s good entertainment to watch an idiot box himself in with his own flawed logic. You made me smile before bed and when I woke up, thank you sir 😉


    Best Answer


    Yeah Right

  • spann37

    Shout out to everybody who got the same shit and was still shot by a cop or wannabe gangbusters. -_-

  • Chris Focus

    This is a sad truth.

  • Drew Faust

    I found one of the most raional people here who doesn’t jump to conclusions!

  • Drew Faust

    Another idiot who just assumed everything. I didn’t know you knew everything! How many fingers am I holding up?

  • Tammie Marshall

    Can be a Good Dad but wait until he’s arrested….posting on FB

  • X DjHouston Collins

    Hahahaha guess you never heard of slang you dumbass. Your daddy PROLLY wasn’t in your life. That’s why you mad.

  • Toby Peavy

    We have rules/weight class for a reason. To physically harm and humiliate your child to prove a point is wrong. His son will not respect anyone from this, and might be just a matter of time before His dad accidentally causes permanent damage or God forbid death. Then whats His excuse? “I just meant to show tough love” I love the care and involvement of this father just wrong approach.

  • Bigdave

    What about when he is out there breaking in your house car jacking you or your family member people going to ask ” where was his daddy ” the justice system will treat him 10 times as worst as what his daddy did. It may look extreme but it may save his life better yet save some one you know life. He will live to become a man to respect his parents if you listen he made sure he apologized to the teacher as well this boy is really a young man and showed no regards to authority, pick your poison do you want him straighten by his father or society? Who has should us a lot worst “DESCIPLINE

  • SFarmer

    Seems squared away to me. Pops wasn’t putting anything on those punches and I agree that it’s a great way to teach both respect and self defense. As he said as well, it allows the kid to get any pent up anger or frustration out.

    Funny enough, when I was in elementary and junior high, we had a boxing ring in the basement. You got into a fight in school, it got broke up and you went to the ring, put on gloves and went until it was done. No bullshit, no pent up anger towards another student, no returns to school still pissed and NO school shootings. Because you worked the anger out and usually walked away buddies for life with your opponent.

  • Kevin Rhodes

    As a father of 3 (one boy two girls) this was painful to watch. I agree kids these days need to be punished but this is a little too far. A dad should never cause harm to his child to the point where he’s bleeding.


    Child abuse !
    That was ridiculous and excessive!

    If u aint intelligent enough to talk sensibly with yo kids, u dont need to have them!
    Beating kids like slaves only instills fear and lack of confidence.
    And leavin blood all over the place… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PPL???!!!


    Only savages and ppl who dont know a better, intelligent way to deal with their children, choose SLAVE BEATINGS as a method of discipline.!
    Ppl who say “my parents raised me this way” hate to see the bitter truth that THEIR parents didnt know any better either and was passin down slavery traditions, cuz thats all they know.

    Ppl… u aint disrespecting your family, by letting go of ignorant-azz “traditions” like this!
    Please do bwtter and be better!
    Beating yo kids aint cool, it’s ABUSIVE!


    That aint the ONLY problem… it just aint right.
    I can see if his son “bucked-up” at his dad like he was gone hit pops, but for walkin outta class?? C’mon…

  • My guess would be zero because I doubt you can count to 5.

  • Drew Faust

    Lol that’s your reply? Go away, the adults are talking little kid.

  • Gina Nicole Bynum Nelms

    Y’all auick to say it’s not right over him walking out of class…. do y’all not get that it’s more than just walking out of class… it’s about him being disrespectful to his educator its about him not taking advantage of a system that is used for him to show his full potential it’s about respect, morals, knowing what to do what’s acceptable and what isn’t this is teaching him a lesson that he can’t just up and do what he wants the father even said if my son walks out he needs to . Let me know what’s going on so i can have his back he’s teaching his son that right or wrong I’m here “which some dad’s wont do” but i want to know where your at he didn’t come home he didn’t call his father. As a parent especially in a society where unfortunately young black men are targeted for a father to know his son isn’t where he’s supposed to be if he’s safe if he’s ok bc he aint at school and he aint at home it makes you worry. His son needs to know for every action there’s a reaction and when he’s been down this road before with his dad and he knows his father don’t play that bullshit he needs to know there will be consequences. I say good job dad. There comes a time when you teach your kids no matter how hard the lesson that they have boundries and overstepping with a parent teacher or authority figure will get you in a place you may not want to be in. Don’t spit in the faces of the ppl trying to give you a shot at a good life! And if your upset all i gotta say is don’t like it don’t do it to your kids but don’t be acting like parenting isn’t easy or that there is a perfect way to parent.

  • Torrence Amos

    Just focus on keeping that pussy clean baby. And how do you know what my father did? Girl Getchoooo kimbo gorilla slice lookin ass the fuck outta here

  • Torrence Amos

    Oh you mean you’re? Dumb bitch

  • Torrence Amos

    Honestly i wouldn’t you misssed whatever point i was trying to make .. But then again fuck you and you’re dead father slut

  • fuck off

    Instead of the following his dad’s rules what he should have done was grab his leg, bend it enough to were it would break, let him fall on the floor, then start just beating his face in like the helpless bastard he is.

  • Dallas Hunter Van Winkle

    lol, good point. Guess we can introduce the wolves and you won’t bitch and moan about it then, right?

  • James Rios

    of course not we need more pelts to sell