5 incredible 19th-century black artists you should know

5 incredible 19th-century black artists you should know



Artist Edmonia Lewis was a prominent black sculptor in the 19th century.

At the drop of a hat, any art buff could name a prominent 19th-century artist, whether it’s Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas or Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

But how sharp is your knowledge of prominent black artists of that same era?

Considering the 19th century’s extreme racial divide, and the Civil War breaking out midway (April 9, 2015 will mark 150 years since the end of the war), it was difficult for black artists to break out. However, art still prevailed and quite a few artists were able to make a name for themselves, in the U.S. and abroad.

From Robert Scott Duncanson to Edmonia Lewis, here are five black artists who made art history in the 1800s.

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