7 Signs A Man Is Great In Bed

7 Signs A Man Is Great In Bed


Signs a man is great in bed

Have you ever dated a man you thought was awesome, but once you had sex with him, you knew that it was over? Well, you’re not alone. Sometimes you need some divine intervention to decipher who’s who in the realm of great and not-so-great sex.

Luckily, I have searched far and wide for indications that a man is great in bed (he may be a jerk in other areas, but his sex alone will keep you coming back for more – and I mean that the way it sounds).

The following signs individually may not indicate that a man is great in bed, but if he has a few of the following characteristics, you’ll be spread eagle more often than you ever have been in your life.

Signs a man is great in bed #1

He can dance

By dancing, I don’t mean country, salsa, ballroom, or even the tango; I mean he can hold you close to him and sway his hips just enough so that you feel like you’re having sex on the dance floor.

If a man can hold you close to him and maintain rhythm with his hips, he will know how to twirl them when you’re lying under him as well. And if that weren’t great enough, he understands the importance of tempo when it matters most.

Signs a man is great in bed #2

His kisses are slow

When he opens his mouth to kiss you, his tongue is soft and his kiss is almost lazy. It’s as though he’s demonstrating what that tongue can do when it’s between your other lips.

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He sucks one lip at a time and he even smiles slightly when your tongues meet. This is a man who never rushes through an orgasm but enhances it by delaying it and awaiting a profound explosion.

Signs a man is great in bed #3

He devours his food

When he eats his dinner, every morsel he cuts and place in his mouth is appreciated and devoured as though it may be his last.

If that weren’t enough of a turn on, if you’re out and he enjoys the taste of something immensely, he will insist on feeding you some so that you can share in his dining pleasure.

Signs a man is great in bed #4

He makes you feel sexy

He doesn’t need to tell you that he thinks you’re hot, nor does he even have to touch you, the way he treats you makes you feel like you’re the sexiest woman on Earth.

The way he looks at you makes you feel like a sex kitten, the way he talks to you makes you feel like a princess and the way he lets you know what he’s thinking makes you want to rip off his clothes and ravage him.