8 Signs Your Man DOES Know Your Worth

8 Signs Your Man DOES Know Your Worth


He’ll Be Respectful To Your Friends And Family Even If They Dislike Him

Maybe it’s his tattoos. Maybe it’s his income or lack thereof. Maybe his background. But family and friends can misjudge a person based only on what they can see. No matter what, out of respect for you, he’s always courteous or at minimum quiet.

He Won’t Go On With His Day Knowing Something’s Bothering You

Your mood changed, something isn’t right…he needs to get to the bottom of it or hold you until it’s all better.


He Prays for and With You

Yes, he knows he’s not always in control. But that doesn’t stop him from consulting with the one who is, on your behalf.

He Never Gets “Tired” of Being Around You

You simply can’t get annoyed by a woman you can’t get enough of. You just can’t.


Even if He Can’t Cook, Sing, or Dance, He’ll Try for You

A man has a fragile ego, but if it’ll make you smile, he’ll put himself out there to try and make it happen.


He Doesn’t Let You Go To Sleep Angry With Him

Whether successful or not, he’s going to do whatever he can to keep you from being mad before you go to sleep. Even swallowing his pride.


He’ll Quit An Argument Before He Wins and Loses You

Some victories end up being losses because we’re fighting the wrong opponent.




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