87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according...

87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according to new study.

White woman with Black men

A study from Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had or fantasize about having sexual relations with African American males. The study was conducted by the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology department, at Rutgers University.

The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a Black man and in some cases many already have. Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a Black man. Of the 800 involved in the study, 8 percent said they have actually dreamed of having a threesome with Black men.

The fact that there is such a huge disparity between the number of white women who want to have sex with Black men versus those who would marry Black men, shows that many still have stereotypical view of Black men. Black men are seen as sexual masters in the bedroom but almost complete absent from the corporate boardroom.

So when it comes to sex, most white women would prefer a Black man but they look toward their own white men when they are looking for a provider.

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  • Leonard Tarver

    Sounds about Accurate ????????????

  • Queen Mennon

    These AA men continue to spit in the face of our God by lusting after the women of the enemy. They insist on continuing to bring wrath upon the children of israel.

  • toreal

    Lol Just shut the hell up.

  • Queen Mennon

    U first, last and everything in between. Stay in your own yard and keep the hell out of ours. We are not cool like that.

  • TTletat

    Its an I use you and you use me deal. Amazing what our values have disintegrated into. 🙁

  • Dave

    Yikes! So 87% will have sex with Black men and only 13% would consider marrying a Black man? That sounds kinda…racist.