Woman Arrested At Walmart For Practicing Her “Oral Skills” On A Package...

Woman Arrested At Walmart For Practicing Her “Oral Skills” On A Package Of Hot Links


Atlanta, Georgia Walmart employees are trying to cope with an incidents that they say “scared adults and children shoppers with a visual that will take a lifetime to forget about.” On Wednesday, 32 year old Traijanisha Harris ‘TraTra’ entered an Atlanta area Walmart to perform an unthinkable task. Employees say it is something that will be etched in their minds forever.

 “I was shopping with my daughter over by the clearance rack in the women’s section,” said eyewitness Trina Robinson. “My 3 year-old always runs through the store in and out of the racks. I was yelling at her to quit running when all of a sudden she let out a horrifying scream. When I ran over to see what was wrong, oh my God, I almost fainted. It was a crazy looking lady inside the clothing rack giving a BJ to a hot link with drool all down her face. What the f*ck! Who does that sh*t! Now my little girl has to live with this image? I’m thinking about suing Walmart.”

Robinson said even though the crazy woman was caught in the act with the hot link, that did not stop her. She continued going at it and even added two more sausages from the pack into her mouth. It wasn’t until security came over and apprehended Harris, confiscating the victimized hot links that the horrifying incident finally came to an end.  When police arrived, Harris was heard screaming “Gimme my hot and juicy hot links baby, gimme my hot links” as they escorted her to the police car. According to the police report, Harris was found to be high on crack cocaine and also was in possession of the drugs and paraphernalia. She was arrested and booked on several charges including public display of sexual activity, theft, drug possession and public gross lewdness with a food item. Harris is being held on no bond undergoing mental evaluation.

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