Amber Rose Whines It Up At Trinidad Carnival While Wiz Khalifa’s Mother...

Amber Rose Whines It Up At Trinidad Carnival While Wiz Khalifa’s Mother Continues To Throw Shade



EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose parties with fans in a very revealing show girl style costume, with a large head dress at 2015 Carnival (the largest party in the world) in Trinidad

Amber Rose at Trinidad Carnival

What does a woman do after winning a Twitter feud against her ex-boyfriend’s wife’s sister?

Why, she celebrates her win by turning up at carnival, of course!

After battling it out with Khloe Kardashian in the twitter feud heard around the world on Monday, Amber Rose was without a care in the world 24 hours later as she partied it up at Trinidad’s Carnival.

Muva was certainly dressed for the occasion, rocking a feathery blue and turquoise snakeskin bikini costume that definitely didn’t go to waste as she danced and backed it up on a lucky guy.

Amber later Instagrammed the clip of her grinding on her dancing partner with a caption that took shots at Wiz Khalifa for allegedly cheating during their marriage:

Men aren’t the only ones that can have fun on tour….. women can too. #UMad Trini men tho???? #IllTakeaSliceOfTriniManPiePlease #Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #BadBitch #MILF #ButDatAssonFleekDoe #MomsAreAllowedtoHaveFunToo #NoDoubleStandardsOverHereBro

And of course, Wiz Khalifa’s mom is not the least bit amused.

Peaches Wimbush (who accompanied Wiz to The Grammys while Amber was in Houston visiting NBA baller James Harden) is not here for Amber’s recent “I love my husband and waited months for him to come home” interviews and has been throwing the thickest of shade. In a series of tweets, she implies that the 31-year-old model is out here lying on her baby boy.

Back in my day things were sourced and verified…just because a subject says it doesn’t make it true #unlessyouonthatf-cksh-t carry on….

Fortunately I raised a King [crown emoji]

Imma tell ya real business if anyone cares to know #allshade #potoftea

always detested liars, especially pathological ones because my Madea always said “if you’ll lie you’ll steal, if you’ll steal you’ll kill”

I always knew you wasn’t sh-t… Never been slick, just think you are #rookie #theydontcallmeOGfornothing #iknoweverything #nothinkpay

You didn’t fix your lips to question any bodies parenting skills did you? #glasshouse #ihavestones #queenofstones #dontwantitwith

So in love you never took his name…… #pieceofshitgang Imma write a song…….

Running around acting like you #trynachoose for 4 months, but I’m sleep tho #pimpsandplayersaremyfriendsiknowthegame

Throwin’ rocks then hide ya hand Imma need tequila in this tea

She also retweeted Wiz Khalifa who posted:

“thinkin she a prize? she a pie. everybody get a slice”.”

The shade is thick!

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She also commented under a photo of Kermit sipping tea (during the Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian twitter fiasco)

Only a dumb ass only child would try it with a gang of sisters

Mama Peaches is mad! Don’t come for her son.


Wiz Khalifa's tweets on Amber Rose (3)

And the shadiest Instagram post of them all. After Amber Rose announced she would be releasing a book titled, ‘How To Be A Bad B-tch,’ Peaches posted a meme that read, “You were Queens before you were Bad B-tches.’


Wiz Khalifa mom and Amber Rose

Watch Amber winding it up in Trinidad below:




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