Apple to Donate $40 Million to HBCUs to Enhance Diversity in Computer...

Apple to Donate $40 Million to HBCUs to Enhance Diversity in Computer Science





Apple Inc will donate more than $40 million to historically black colleges to spur diversity in computer science and engineering leadership.

Fortune Magazine reports that the gift will be given to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, in benefit to 47 public HBCUs. The funds will be used to grant scholarships to students majoring in computer science, training for students and faculty, and to establish a paid internship program to hire promising HBCU students at Apple.

Officials say it is one of the largest gifts to any HBCU advocacy organization, and among the most comprehensive training partnerships ever conceived in benefit to black colleges.

“People are at Harvard and MIT looking for their students,” says (Thurgood Marshall College Fund President and CEO Johnny) Taylor. “But Apple said, there are some really talented individuals at these [HBCU] schools.”

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