Baphomet Statue Gives You 3 Wishes if You Sell Your Soul to...

Baphomet Statue Gives You 3 Wishes if You Sell Your Soul to Satan



Well, if Detroit wasn’t scary enough, there’s now a one-ton statue of the Baphomet to add to the fact that you could be crushed by a crumbling building. The statue has been built by the Church of Satan and according to several Michigan residents, it will reportedly grant you three wishes if you sell your soul to the Devil.

High ranking member Bruce Lane reportedly traveled cross country just to try it out and it appears it worked for him as right after he left the statue, one of his wishes was to win big in Las Vegas and as seen in the video below he did just that.

He released a statement saying:

“I was already sittin on thousands from other illegal activities but I just wanted to win at the Casino to get some of that legal money, and boy did it work”

While this statue was not around at the time of the Insane Clown Posse’s inception, many believe the duo still sold their souls to Satan in order to begin the army of juggalos. This also has led many to believe that White Stripes drummer Meg White also sold her soul to the Devil for fame instead of musical talent.

This leads many to believe that the Motor City is, in fact, the city of Satan as it has not only produced the Insane Clown Posse and Meg White’s atrocious drumming, but also Kid Rock and even Tim Allen.

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