Big Sean Honors His Late Grandmother In New Song, ‘One Man Can...

Big Sean Honors His Late Grandmother In New Song, ‘One Man Can Change The World’



Big Sean's grandmother Mildred V Leonard (2)

Big Sean’s on a roll, huh?

After giving us a lesson on patience last week, the rapper is back to give us a lesson on love. No not romantic love, but family love.

The 26-year-old was dealt a hard blow late last year when his heroic grandmother, Mildred V. Leonard, passed away at the age of 93. Sean honored Ms. Leonard on Instagram, crediting the World War II vet with holding down their family and always being supportive of his dream. But IG posts aren’t always enough when you’re a rapper.

Today, we get to hear “One Man Can Change The World,” a song where Sean Don further tributes his grandmother with an emotional verse highlighting her strength and the unforgettable advice she gave him. He also notes her achievements as being a black female captain and later purchasing a home while also revealing that it was Ms. Leonard who taught him how to love.

He raps:

My grandma told me if you write your name in stone you’ll never get the white out
I grinded out that black hole then performed up at the white house
Standin’ next to Jim Carrey, we traded stories then laughed
I said you not the only one I know got rich wearin’ masks
Where I’m from I swear they broke, they need way more than the cast
We need more than what you have
And then we need more than that
But how am I supposed to say I’m tired
If that girl from West Virginia came up in conditions that I couldn’t survive
Went to war, came back alive
On top of that became a female black captain
When being black you had to extra extra try
Way before James Brown made us proud
She bought a crib on the same street as Marvin Gaye
Right there on Outer Drive, and she taught me how to drive
And she raised the kids, then the kids’ kids, and she did it right
Taught me how to love, taught me not to cry
When I die, I hope you teach me how to fly
All my life you’ve been that angel in disguise saying

The song, which also features Kanye West and John Legend, ends with an audio clip of Ms. Leonard thanking Big Sean for calling and him telling her he loved her.

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A nice, honest, tearjerker.

Listen below:

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