Black Pastor Exposed: CAUGHT USING TITHES TO PAY FOR MANSION. “LOOK, GOD WANTS ME TO BALL.” How Does This Make America Great Again?




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  • Erma Robinson

    To the author who wrote this, why did you deceitfully use Creflo Dollar mugshot, when he was arrested for hitting his daughter? You want people to believe he was arrested for something he was not.This same headline was used as a lie against CrefloDollar so why should we believe this article? Be real about your business.

  • Tena Dockery

    James Graham, you are so on point!!! Maybe Trump will pay his bills.

  • Gladys Crawford

    Darrell and Belinda are thieves. Beware of sheep in wool clothes

  • Jen Adamo

    Trump supporter?
    Say no more. Nothing would shock me.
    Although…. so-called clergy have been doing this crap forever. It’s one of the main reasons i have no interest in, and little respect for organized religion.

  • Earl Keith Lightsey

    Sad thing is that people have been brain washed on this tithing doctrine for many years. I heard one world renowned pastor say, “Well, there are actually two tithing doctrines but, the problem is that we’very been teaching the wrong one all this time.” Wow!! After how many jets, Rolls Royces, Bentleys etc!! And now you fess up that you’ve been teaching the wrong one? But hey, if folk are so naive to believe such nonsense then hey, what are you gonna do? I’m a pastor myself and I don’t teach this stuff where I pastor. Our ministry is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all people so that all men may live in equality as stated in scripture after the day of Pentecost.

  • Gy Sgt N Brown

    Coon is right call chump he will give his house nigger some left over

  • kritikosman

    His mansion is a glorified uncle tom’s cabin.

  • Emmanuel G Morel

    As a Pastor, I have, always, refused to teach and preach about such foolishness pertaining to tithing. I have never taken a dime from church and have always worked with my hands to provide for my family. Moreover, the prosperity gospel is a big lie.

  • Terry Allen Stringer

    As a Pastor I have witness how the tithing principle is true… Remember, Jesus couldn’t work miracles in His own country because of their unbelief.

  • Wa Seti

    As a Pastor, you couldn’t be a bigger liar.

  • Justin Diogenes King

    Wtf does belief have to do with money?!

  • Milton

    People please, that man is a pimp. He is a liar and a thief, please find a real church to go to. Going to church will never get you into Heaven your service to God and man kind will do it. Leave his church and live.

  • Community-Empower Ceo

    Just like Trump birds of fetter FLOCK together, so glad GOD exposed. LOCK HIM UP!!!!

  • wylekat

    As a non pastor, I laugh at the amount of ‘not me!’ going on in these comments. Like a bunch of naughty children when asked who broke the expensive vase in the living room.

  • Donald Drumpf

    Remember Reverend Ike back in the 70’s? Pat Robertson and now Creflo Dollar even Joel Osteen,this has been going on a long time.Tax the hell out of for profit ministries!

  • EMMA

    Someone need to file charges on that black coon and have him arrested for pimping and that’s all these so call preachers do and these idiots people fall for that stupid shit they be talking anytime a preacher gonna live better than me that’s bull shit not with my money get a job you creep .

  • Gregory D.Wilson

    This doesn’t look like a reliable source.

  • John-Vikki Paris

    The sad part is over 60% of black pastors do this. The church is just a money scam for them. It’s the type of thing that gives all religion a black eye.

  • Pamela Strong

    Wow, My church do Tithe, but the money is totally used for ministry purposes. My Pastor owes His own company and His wife work. He does not take a Salary. Tithing is a Biblical Principle. The whole thing is that you are give a tenth of your earnings to God. If the man or woman of God use the funds for any other purpose than for the sake of the ministry that He or She will have to answer to God. Tithing is not foolishness, because you then say that what God has in His Word is foolish. The ministry don’t run by itself, because monies are needed to take care of the lights, the gas, the water. Just know that the last days are hear and men have become lovers of their own selves. We must make sure if we are in leadership that we are teaching what God desires because We don’t want to stand before Him and He say I never knew you. Remember you are the Shepherds leading the sheep and their blood is on us. So Please make sure that you are doing that is what is right and pleasing in the eyes of God.

  • Morena_nic

    the most corrupt is in the rank and files of the Demon Party….all people of color should sue the Democrat Party for restitution….they are guilty of everything that has been wrong in the past and present
    Click here: (27) Dinesh D’Souza LIVE at Brandeis University – YouTube

  • Jonnie wyche

    Me either you are right.

  • Kim

    Kim Iamwhoiam Thats why he couldn’t pay the rent, because he was to busy trying to keep up with trump, trying to prove that he had money, not realizing it was all a part of the plan to expose himself…sad state of affairs!!!

  • Herman

    Not all are like that Sir. I am a Pastor and I don’t receive money from my church. I work for a living doing home improvement. Don’t put all of us in the same category as the bad ones. No, I am not a Pastor that deceive for there money. I give money to the church. Every Friday Night and Sunday Morning. Thank you Sir for reading this. Have a blessed day and be encouraged.

  • hatetoregister

    Black coon? I bet you are a man hiding behind a girls name because you are too much of a coward to show your real face OR name! Keep your racist, ignorant comments to yourself idiot! White pastors live large and use tithes too! In fact, if you examine the Catholic churches finances, how do you think they have one of the largest real estate portfolios IN THE WORLD? It isn’t because they are just nice people idiot!

  • Trump is right, white is might

    Typical GREEDY, thieving nigger hiding behind another fake religion/fake church/fake title to steal millions from weak minded morons!
    They ALL do it (nigger reverends), so why is this a such a shock to anyone?

  • Trump Hates Dumb Niggers

    “Jesus couldn’t work miracles in His own country”? No capitalization is needed on the work “his”, moron!
    Also “unbelief”? really, that’s NOT in ANY dictionary I’ve ever used, and apparently YOU have NEVER used one, so how about you try the correct word, fool, that would be “Disbelief”!
    You chimp boiz can go to college for FREE, but it’s sad that you only do so to play ball!
    Try visiting a class and learning something!

  • Trump is right, white is might

    Just turn on ANY TV set on ANY Sunday morning and watch black/white/asian/sand nigger “preachers” with all their fancy, expensive, custom suits/dresses, jewelry, etc., you clearly see they are ALL stealing money from their “congregations” to pay for it all!
    Theft is colorblind, but it is true, the black “preachers”/”evangelists” ARE by FAR the worst of the bunch!
    Just look at those $10k suits and big $50k rings Freddy KFC Price and that crooked liar Creflo Dollar wear, and c’mon, he uses the fake last name “Dollar”! WTF does THAT tell anyone?

  • Terry Allen Stringer

    Wow, Nice People i Love it. hApPy nEW Year ,2 : eeyone .
    Just love me sum fredom of Talk in this Here conutey.
    Jesus didn’t teach bout Tithes He just money should never be worship. Oh yeah, I’m working on lying too. Sorry bout that to the fella, i think He’s a man, that cuaght my lying fingers. I thought lyin only happen wit the tongued.
    Oh and sorry to dat fella, I think He’s a man, dat had to read through all my errands… Sorry. I’s gonna do better day next time Masha.
    Now I confirmed everything you wrote about me. Boy, you guys, I think you’re guys, really busted me. Director Mueller could use your help. Feliz Navidad! ( I think I spelling dat right 2)