BOSSIP Exclusive: Jay-Z’s Paternity Suit Woman A Thief, Rent Dodger

BOSSIP Exclusive: Jay-Z’s Paternity Suit Woman A Thief, Rent Dodger



Wanda Satterthwaite

Woman At The Center Of The Jay-Z Paternity Suit Has Theft Convictions, Kicked Out Of Philly Project

The woman whose son slapped Jay-Z with a paternity suit is a convicted thief who was evicted from her Philadelphia housing project over her $57 a month rent, Bossip can reveal.

Cops nabbed Wanda Satterthwaite, 38, in 2010 for pilfering from a store, and she later pled guilty to retail theft and criminal conspiracy. She got two years of probation, and other charges – receiving stolen property and possession of an instrument of crime with intent – were dropped, Pennsylvania court records obtained by Bossip show.

Satterthwaite’s son, Rymir, believes his mom had sex with Jay-Z, and that the rap mogul is his dad. Rymir’s foster mother, Lillie Coley, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 21-year-old, and the two now live together.

If Hov is indeed proven to be Rymir’s father, it would be a come up for the Satterthwaite family. Matriarch Wanda Satterthwaite has been in a years-long eviction battle with Philadelphia housing officials for not paying her $57 a month rent in the Johnson Homes housing project.

Rymir Satterthwaite

Satterthwaite’s eviction troubles began back in 2008, when the city housing officials moved to kick her out for not paying $22 in back rent. A judge later dismissed the case.

But the woman at the center of the Jay-Z paternity suit was hauled back in court in 2012, when the housing authority accused her of not paying $29 in back rent, court records show. A Philadelphia judge booted Satterthwaite from her apartment in the Johnson Homes project and ordered her to pay $95 in back rent. But nearly four months later a lawyer for the city’s Housing Authority said Satterthwaite still hadn’t moved out.

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Satterthwaite apparently didn’t learn her lesson, because she fell back on her rent again in 2013 after she paid just $22 in rent from March to July 2013. A judge ordered she again be served with eviction papers and ordered her to pay $618 in back rent and late fees.

Rymir and Wanda Satterthwaite did not return Bossip’s calls for comment.


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