Bum Fight Legend Looks Completely Different Today

Bum Fight Legend Looks Completely Different Today



Remember this guy?

This is Rufus Hannah. He became known for his role in the early Bumfights videos. Videos about homeless people hurting them self or other homeless people.

Imgur user PsychoDK was remembering watching them when and out of nowhere, remembered Rufus and did a Google search on him, fearing that he was dead by now.

He was alive and doing well!

He got sober in 2003, and totally turned his life around. He is now a property manager and an advocate for homeless rights.

He even got a book published ‘A Bum Deal: An Unlikely Journey from Hopeless to Humanitarian’ detailing his ordeal from becoming a homeless alcoholic, his time during the filming of Bumfights and his struggle to get sober

Good to see he is okay.

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