Child Abuse: Baltimore Teen Mother Beats Toddlers On Facebook Live Stream For...

Child Abuse: Baltimore Teen Mother Beats Toddlers On Facebook Live Stream For No Reason (Video)


We have  very disturbing video that was user submitter this morning of blatant child abuse, we have also forwarded this video to the authorities. We also have a clear picture of the woman and her Facebook account:

We also have photos of her in the act.

Video Of Teen Mother Beating Children Watch Down her:

We also have some of the comments posted about her on Social Media:



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  • James From Miami

    I could only imagine the living hell that those two kids must be putting that poor lady through, for her to be that extremely upset. I have been at different doctors offices, and I have seen the kids in those places behaving very bad, and I can see that look in the parents faces, like they are just dying to whoop those little bad kids asses. But they are afraid to do it right there in public, because they know that they could possibly end up getting arrested. So, a lot of these parents, they just end up bottling up all of that anger inside of them, until eventually it just blows up. And sometimes there are parents that end up killing their kids because of this. And it is all because of these anti parenting laws disguised as anti child abuse laws, and so many of these nosy government worshipping snitching dirtbags, who just cannot mind their own freaking business, that these awful things happen in the United States. So, what do you think is going to happen now? Well, if she gets arrested, and there are no family members around to take the kids, the government goon squad can then legally kidnap those poor kids, and they could then end up in the so called care care of these people. And if a judge decides not to release the kids to their family members for whatever reason, he can order that the kids be sent to some place where they could possibly end up getting abused, or even murdered, by some sick nasty pervert, or perverts. But, it’s o.k. because those government goons were just trying to help those poor little kids, and their mom was the bad person that was actually hurting them. And this is how sick, and twisted, the United Police States has become.