Chris Brown: “STOP Asking Me About Drake & Rihanna”

Chris Brown: “STOP Asking Me About Drake & Rihanna”




Chris Brown Says He Doesn’t Want To Talk About Drake Or Rihanna Anymore

Chris Brown doesn’t want to answer any more questions about Drake or Rihanna. After days of promo for his new album with Tyga, where both have repeatedly fielded questions about their love lives and mutual disdain for Drake, Breezy is putting his foot down.

He’s already mentioned in each interview how talking about Drake doesn’t make him any additional coins (before doing a pretty hilarious impression of the way the Toronto rapper speaks), and hasn’t hesitated to give his two cents on Rihanna’ current dating situation.

But he took to Twitter today to mention both of them one last time and let everyone know he wouldn’t be speaking on them any further.

FullSizeRender (5)

In True Breezy fashion, he deleted the name-dropping Tweet (probably realizing that he would DEFINITELY be asked about it on his current promo-run) shortly after following it up with this:

Chris Brown

Breezy has a right to move on from the past…or at least try. And the Rihanna topic is super dry at this point. But do you think everyone should stop asking him about his Drake issue — even though it’s pretty current??


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