DJ Pauly D — Puts Up Half A Mil For D. Bilz...

DJ Pauly D — Puts Up Half A Mil For D. Bilz Lambo



DJ Pauly D

Puts Up Half A Mil

For D. Bilz Lambo

3/17/2015 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


DJ Pauly D just dropped nearly half a million bucks on a ride to Vegas … he snagged Dan Bilzerian‘s sick Lambo and hit the high desert.

Things are going EXTREMELY well for Pauly … our car sources say he helped Instagram’s Most Interesting Man lighten his crazy load of exotic cars by nabbing the Lambo DB posted on Ebay, for only $450k, then blazed his way to Sin City. 

0317-dan-bilzerian-dj-pauly-d-SUB-INSTAGRAM-02Bilzerian was asking $500k for the 2013 Aventador Roadster … and nobody bit, but Pauly took it for a spin Monday, Dan dropped his price, and they sealed the deal.

Pauly — who’s doing a residency at the Vegas Hard Rock — tells TMZ … the car’s a monster and he’s always wanted it … he even bought his daughter one — think PowerWheels.

Only thing it needs is a fresh coat of bronzer.




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