Doctors Orders: Ladies…5 Ways Giving Your Man Oral Sex Will Change YOUR...

Doctors Orders: Ladies…5 Ways Giving Your Man Oral Sex Will Change YOUR Life #newstudy



Well, well, well…men have been saying it for years – go down on your man, ladies. But now, science proves it…a new study out says oral sex will change YOUR life!

Don’t roll your eyes. Scientists back brothas up on this one. Giving is definitely better than receiving…well, kinda.

Trust us on this. Here’s a break down, so it can forever and consistently be broke.


1. Sperm Makes Women Healthy

Scientists at State University of New York say the baby making juices also fight breast cancer and all other types of ailments.

2. Sperm Makes You HAPPY!

Science says it fights depression and makes you worry less.

3. Your Man Will be Happier

That’s a given. No explanation need. #babyimhome

4. Zzzz… You’ll Sleep Better

Yeah, a good blow job will knock your man out, but sperm makes women sleep better, too!

5. People Will Like You More

That’s because your normally cranky ass got some sleep, you’re not depressed, you’re happierand you’re not pissed off because your man needs some “act right.”

See, all these times you thought men were trying to be nasty…and they were trying to save your life. LOL

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