Erykah Badu Politely Invites Azealia Banks To Come See Her After Azealia’s...

Erykah Badu Politely Invites Azealia Banks To Come See Her After Azealia’s Twitter Attack



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Somewhere between “Tyrone” and being Riccardo Tisci’s muse, Azealia Banks got Erykah Badu real effed up!

The Neo-Soul queen is the latest name to be added to the long and growing list of people Azealia has problems with. But unlike her other adversaries, Erykah has no problem administering a beatdown if the rapper needs one.

It all started last night on Twitter when Erykah replied, “Tried” to a fan who innocently asked if she had heard Azealia’s Broke With Expensive Taste album. ‘Tried’ as in ‘I Tried but it wasn’t my taste.’

The one word response was all it took for Azealia to feel disrespected and come for the 43-year-old queen on the social media site.

She tweeted:

Lol, what’s the shade?

@Fatbellybella…… jealousy

When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits

We see it happen AL the time. Whether or not you like…You are WATCHING and that’s the most important

Erykah replied:

Well sh-t I did try. Maybe you’re right…I’m just too old to get it. You cool tho?

The thing about that response is Erykah turned on the location option on so that her tweets read ‘From Queens’ to let the 23-year-old Harlemite know she was just a cab ride away if Azealia wanted to catch them hands real quick!

Azealia Banks vs Erykah Badu tweets 5

The lowkey move got Azealia’s attention which prompted a back and forth between the ladies.

Azealia: lol you just keep rocking your head wraps and buying ur musky oils off the table on 125th

Erkyah: Jus playin.. happy love day. Be careful sis

Azealia: you have to shave your underarms before you try and come for me

Azealia: el oh el. Just kidding. Happy v day. Keep greasing that scalp mama. [peace sign emoji]

But it wasn’t over because Azealia woke up still feeling frogging and continued to attack Erykah:

Lol that ol lady went out of her way [to] throw shade at me, turned on her location….But when i asked for the address…There was no answer [red face emoji]

Lol I think it was very childish of her to try and insinuate that I should who up and fight her….Like..How old are you?

Where’s the address tho? LOL!

Probably 2211 Have Several Seats Lane off the corner of Calm Down Court lol.

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Badu has birthed like a million kids and has put a million men under her spell. I wouldn’t fight her even if I had voodoo on my side!

But seriously, all Erykah said was she tried to listen to her album. It’s not like she called it garbage, she simply wasn’t feeling it. After all, music is subjective.


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