Reginae Gears Up For MTV’s Sweet 16

[Exclusive Interview] Reginae Gears Up For MTV’s Sweet 16





Lil' Wayne attends Reginae Carter's Sweet Sixteen Party

It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party.  

Reginae Carter had one of the best sweet 16 parties of all. Of all time!

Not long ago, Toya Wright and Lil Wayne got together to throw their daughter Reginae Carter the Sweet 16 of her dreams! The teen queen and only daughter of the Young Money rap star drew out all types of celebrity guests, including her fave Nicki Minaj, for a lavish evening of dancing, performances and of course, the music royal getting both a BMW and a Ferrari by the end of the night. Lavish life!

The entire affair was recorded for the MTV special ‘My Super Sweet 16,’ which will air on MTV tonight.

Last week, we had a chance to talk to Toya and Reginae on the process behind the elaborate bash, which of course was filled with a few minor bumps here and there. The ladies dished on the process behind the planning, Reginae’s boyfriend (who mom hints we will see in the episode) and what’s next for the young money princess!

Check out some of the highlights below:

What were some of the highlights for your big party?

Reginae: It was amazing. My highlight was of course getting my cars and just seeing everybody come out and celebrate my day. I had so much fun.

What were some setbacks you experienced in your party and did you throw any tantrums?

Reginae: Well before the party, I was getting text messages and calls like “You’re not letting me in,” and ‘They just turned me around.” and my mom was like ‘Ok, you gotta put your phone down because it’s stressing you out.’ But other than that, it was fun. I seen everybody.

Everything else was just amazing.

You guys always throw Reginae pretty big bashes, how do you all manage to keep outdoing yourself each year?

Toya: Well this year was super special because I feel, you only turn 16 one time. So I wanted it to be something very memorable like, just over the top. And we usually go with a theme and this year the theme was ‘Chapter 16’ so it was really all about Reginae. It was a story book theme of when she first was born until now. You were like flipping the channels and you had to turn into the 16th chapter. It was a amazing.

It was actually an idea that my husband [Memphitz] had because he’s very creative when it comes to coming up with ideas and stuff so he actually gave me the whole ‘Let’s do Alice in Wonderland’ theme. He always come up with these big crazy things and Reginae was talking to him about it and they came up with [the Chapter 16 idea[ and I just added my touch to it and found the people to make it happen.

Nice, it definitely came out looking extremely beautiful. Even the grown folks- it was like, the best party they’d ever been too. I think everybody got a little ‘Sweet 16’ out of that.

Toya: I was getting calls about this party for a month straight. Adults, the grandmothers. They were like, ‘I haven’t been to a party this live in like forever.’ Everybody really had a good time, including Reginae.

What were some of the obstacles you had to deal with when throwing the party, Toya?

I had a mishap with the first party planner. I found one in Atlanta and she just didn’t get the vision. So I had to go and find another one in L.A. and Reginae was like “Oh, she’s older, she don’t really get it,” and [the planner has] planned parties for Magic Johnson and you know, people like that in Los Angeles and Reginae was like, “But I don’t think she’s really gonna get what I want to do.”  I had to deal with that and finding the perfect venue. Plus we were pressed for time.
[For] the talent, because Reginae is in love with Rihanna and of course, Nicki Minaj, we had to work around people’s schedules because some people couldn’t make it. It was a lot. I feel like it was a real production but it was all worth it because hey, it was her 16th birthday. But I’m over it now. Like, we’re not doing anymore parties; this is vacation from now on.

This is the vacation until graduation and after graduation, it’s vacay until the marriage!

Yes, that’s the way we’re going to do it from now on after that headache.

Right! Ok, nice. At Reginae’s age you were married with child, but you still managed to do so well for yourself and it reflects in how you raise your daughter. So, we’re obviously curious- does Reginae have a boyfriend? And mom, what is it like policing those boyfriends and those dates?

Toya: Oh my gosh, that’s also part of the show. The whole boyfriend thing, I know how I was at the age of 16 years old. My auntie used to always tell me, ‘No boyfriend, no boyfriend. You can’t talk to boys,’ and it really made me want to talk to them more and I would be sneaky. So I said to myself, ‘You know, being a mother, a young mother having a teenage daughter, let me try a different approach. Let me build this relationship with her where we’re able to communicate and talk about things.’ [Reginae] brings everything to me and not keep nothing from me.

So I allow her to have a boyfriend but nothing too serious but it’s just a headache with the whole boy thing. It’s always something.

I try to stay involved in her life, like, I want to know what’s going on in your world, you know? But she shares a lot of things with  me about this “so called boyfriend” stuff.

Reginae, how is it like having mom involved in your boyfriend life?

Reginae: It’s um.. you know. It can be good and then sometimes it can be, ‘Ok mom,’ because she thinks ‘Oh, I went through that already and I know this, and I know that,’ and I’m like ‘Let me experience some stuff,’ and she’s like ‘Well, he’s not for you and this this and this’ but it’s good to have my mom there so I can go and talk to her and stuff , she’s the best counselor and whenever I need to know something about anything, she’s there for me and I don’t have to go to different people, I can just come to my mom.

And what about dad? How is it like having dad involved in that too? Because I know you have very hands on parents- which is always a blessing.

Reginae: Yes, my dad, I don’t really talk to him about boys like that. [laughs] Me and my dad have a, my dad is like my best friend but we really don’t speak on too much about the whole relationship thing. He’ll check up on the dude that I’m dating like ‘Oh, how’s this, this and this’ but other than that, we don’t have full on conversations about boys.

Toya: We understand that she’s a teenager and there are going to be boys and we set rules. But she’s a smart girl for the most part. Very smart. So we trust her to make a very smart decision.

Regiane got two cars and we were kind of curious as to who bought the two cars?

Her parents. That was a gift from her parents that she’s not supposed to drive until she is able too. The car is a little too powerful right now and we understand that but it was something that she wanted so, we went ahead and got it.

So basically you and Lil’ Wayne bought the two cars, correct?


Well, that was very sweet of ya’ll. Ya’ll looking for more kids? Because I’m available. (laughs!)

Lavish life!

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Toya also revealed that she will be releasing another book within the next coming months, while Reginae is also hard at work on her anti-bullying campaign called ‘Shut Up.’ The teenager, who released a music video last year, also responded to the status of her singing career, which she says is on hold while YMCMB clears up their label drama:

I’m still in the studio. But right now, since you know, with the label and all of the stuff going on with the label and my father [Lil Wayne] and my God father [Birdman], I’m in the studio now just waiting for everything to get cleared up with that situation. And just waiting patiently. It’ll [work] out.

Catch the trailer below.

And an exclusive clip!

Be sure to watch the full episode airing tonight at 7pm ET on MTV.


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