Fair Or Too Foul?? This Airline Will Begin Weighing Passengers For ‘Flight...

Fair Or Too Foul?? This Airline Will Begin Weighing Passengers For ‘Flight Safety’ Before Take Off




Uzbekistan Airlines Will Begin Weighing Passengers For Flight Safety

How would you feel if you were asked to be weighed before boarding your next flight??

Via TIME Magazine:

Uzbekistan Airlines announced a new policy that involves weighing passengers shortly before take off.

A statement by the airline announced a decision to install a “special weighing machine” at departure gates, where passengers would be weighed along with their luggage.

“According to the rules of International Air Transport Association, airlines are obliged to carry out the regular procedures of preflight control passengers weighing with hand baggage to observe requirements for ensuring flight safety,” read a statement posted to the airline’s webpage.

A spokesperson for the International Air Transport Association denied any knowledge of a regulation that would require passengers to stand on a scale, adding in a statement to CNN that airlines normally calculate passenger loads as a mathematical average, rather than a precise, personal measurement.

It’s bad enough that airlines are putting on extra fees for just breathing on a plane but now this?!?


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