Familiar-looking poster declares the Australian prime minister 'hopeless'

Familiar-looking poster declares the Australian prime minister 'hopeless'



Hopeless. That is the message of a new poster that has been installed in an inner-Sydney suburb, which bears the face of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The 4.5-metre sign, created by graphic designer Michael Agzarian under the group name abbottsolutelynot, was inspired by Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama “HOPE” poster. It hangs above a dumpster in Chippendale.

The activist group writes on its website that the poster “depicts the grim situation Australia finds itself in with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister leading an equally inept and uncaring ministry.”

The group are hoping to roll out more posters across the major cities, but are calling for donations. The group’s website said for $3500 plus $800 printing they can secure similar billboards in other locations.

Agzarian knows how to run a large-scale ad campaign. He is the founder of creative design agency, Advision, that have worked with clients such as Commonwealth Bank, Australian Red Cross, New South Wales Police and multiple Australian universities.

He told Fairfax Media the only negative feedback he has received about the poster is that Abbott is wearing a red tie, when Aussie politicians are known for their blue-tie-wearing antics. If that’s the worst of it, perhaps Australians are feeling so hopeless they’ve even stopped complaining.


The Hopeless poster after installation.

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