Family of 14-Year-Old Whose 6-Year-Old Brother Was Murdered Trying to Save Her...

Family of 14-Year-Old Whose 6-Year-Old Brother Was Murdered Trying to Save Her From Rapist Needs Help Giving Her the Quinceanera She’s Dreamed Of



Amber Andujar was brutally sexually assaulted on the days she turned 12 year old by 33-year-old Osvaldo Rivera.

During the assault, Amber’s 6-year-old brother tried to stop the attack, but fell victim as well to R

Amber tried to escape and slipped in her own blood, and she, too, had her throat slashed so severely, paramedics on the scene said they could see her vocal cords.

Rivera was sentenced to 110 years in prison .Now the family of the brave teen needs the public’s help in helping them her celebrate her quinceanera when she turns 15 this Sept. 2. A beautiful coming-out celebration is something she has always dreamed of, and her family wants to see her dream come true. So Amber’s mom and aunt have set up a GoFundMe account to help get the money together to put on the best quinceanera a teen could have.

he GoFundMe account says:

• Please help us in making our beautiful survivor’s dream come true. Amber has been through so much in her young life that no one should ever have to go through. From having her innocence taken away, and almost lose her life, but Amber had an angel in her 6 year old little brother who woke up from his sleep to help his sister from this intruder. Unfortunately, 6-year-old Dominick didn’t make it. We want to lift Amber’s spirit up as she turns 15 years old and becomes a young lady. This tragedy happened on her birthday, and we’re hoping to get supporters to help us help her celebrate her quinceanera and make it extra special for her. Every penny counts and it would be so much help for her mother and sisters. Thank You All. Here is the link to her GoFundMe account:—> GoFundMe!

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