Family Of Comedian Who Died In Crash With Tracy Morgan Outraged That...

Family Of Comedian Who Died In Crash With Tracy Morgan Outraged That Morgan Didn’t Mention Him In Emmy Speech



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James McNair Family Outraged By Tracy Morgan Emmy Speech

Tracy Morgan surprised Hollywood and viewers alike last night during the Emmy Awards, taking the stage and looking fully recovered 15 months after nearly losing his life and suffering massive brain damage when his car crashed with a Wal-Mart truck in New Jersey.

Morgan’s friend, 62-year-old James Mcnair, who was known on stage as Uncle Jimmy Mack, was the sole fatality in the crash. However, Morgan made no mention of him in his widely revered speech thanking all those who’ve supported him for the last year.

Now, McNair’s family is blasting Morgan for omitting the memory of mentor. McNair’s sister Pamela felt like the comedian should have at least made some mention of his late mentor and friend during his triumphant comeback. As she told NYDN:

“I understand it’s been a great ordeal for Tracy over the last 15 months. I just feel in some form or fashion, he should have acknowledged my brother – his mentor – because he lost his life.

Just take a minute along the way to acknowledge my brother. He has children, siblings, a big family – all bearing the same pain.”

Mcnair’s son Jamel also wrote an angry Facebook post, claiming that Morgan has not even bothered to contact the late comedian’s family since the crash occurred:


Wow. Sad that he hasn’t reached out to the family the way they’d appreciate. Maybe it’s been too hard for him to revisit?



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