Father and Son Attend College Orientation, Spike Girl’s Drink, Then Rape Her

Father and Son Attend College Orientation, Spike Girl’s Drink, Then Rape Her



In the normal world when a father takes his son to college orientation the focus is on class schedules, living arrangements, and other necessary details of college life. That was not the case for Shawn Childs Sr. and his son Shawn Childs Jr. when the pair went to Illinois State University. The 50 year Preview tradition allows parents and incoming students to spend two days in a dorm, with parents being placed on a different floor then the students. According to reports Childs Sr. offered to buy alcohol for the underage students, and when he returned a woman states that she saw the father place a pill in her drink before she consumed it.

A short while later the woman felt ill so she returned to her room, where she was sexually assaulted twice by Childs Jr. The rape was reported to police the following day, and when interviewed Childs Jr. did tell police that the woman was messed up. As this dynamic duo were waiting to board a train for the ride home they were both arrested. When Childs Sr. was searched police discovered 22 ecstasy pills on him. Both men are being held, with the bond for Jr. set at a little more than $10,000 while his father saw a bail that was over $20,000. The son has no criminal record but the father has a record that includes attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon, and domestic battery.


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