Gay Gang Formed By Victims of Bullying Now Commits Robberies, Thefts, Carjackings...

Gay Gang Formed By Victims of Bullying Now Commits Robberies, Thefts, Carjackings and More

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Gay Gang Formed By Victims of Bullying Now Commits Robberies, Thefts, Carjackings and More

Lately, when the gay community is brought up, the conversation focuses on minority rights. But a new documentary shows that political struggles aren’t the only ground the LGBT community is breaking.

The documentary, Check It, examines the lives of an African-American gay gang by the same name. Check It is said to have been founded in 2005 by 3 Washington, D.C. teens who were once victims of bullying.

Filmmaker Dana Flor told Allie Conti of Vice that the gang has since grown into a unit of around 200 members who are earning money by committing criminal acts such as robbery, theft, carjacking, and more.

The film is produced by RadicalMedia, in conjunction with actor Steve Buscemi.

“The group formed to provide members safety in numbers and let people know that if you jumped a gay kid in D.C., you’d likely get jumped back in retaliation,” Conti writes.

The gang also provides each member “with a sense of community in a place where being gay can get you ostracized from your family, your church, and your classmates.”

The movie is, however, scripted to depict a group of 5 childhood friends who are trying to find their way out of gang life through fashion.

The film depicts society’s backlash against a minority group and touches on the role that society plays in providing a habitable environment for everyone, including the gay and transgender youths.

“As vulnerable gay and transgender youth, they’ve been shot, stabbed and raped,” the team writes. “Once victims, they’ve now turned the tables, beating people into comas and stabbing enemies with ice picks.”

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The Check It production crew is seeking up to $60,000 in crowd-funding through Indiegogo to be used towards finishing and releasing the movie. At the time of writing this piece, the fundraiser efforts had already raised close to $20,000.

Producers of the film have shared information on how the collected funds will be spent, with the Check It members also having a share of it, although it will be used to support them towards economic stability.

“While a portion of the funds we raise will go towards completing the film — which is currently in the late stages of editing — another portion — 10% — will go directly to the kids themselves — helping to buy sewing machines and fabric for their up-and-coming fashion line,” the filmmakers said.