Gilbert Arenas Boots Laura Govan And Their 4 Kids From Their LA...

Gilbert Arenas Boots Laura Govan And Their 4 Kids From Their LA Home…To Make Room For His New Swirly Baby??



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Gilbert Arenas Kicks Laura Govan And Their Children Out Of Home

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan’s break-up drama is getting even more heated. Now, Gilbert wants Laura and their four children out of the California home he currently pays for them to reside in, so that he can move back in there himself.

According to newly filed docs obtained by Baller Alert, the court demands that Gilbert continues to pay for the home and all associated expenses — the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc. — totaling to about 16,000.

However, since it is not specified in the court order who actually gets to keep the home, Gilbert has made the executive decision. His name is solo on the home and he pays for it, so Gilbert wants back in and Laura has to get out.

Gilbert’s giving her 60 days to leave on her own volition, and if not he’ll request an order of eviction from his property from the court. It isn’t all that harsh though — if Laura does as she’s told, Gilbert will assist with the move and has agreed to put down the first and last month’s payment and security deposit on a new home for her and the kids. Gilbert has also asked Laura to give back the Escalade he pays for and use some of the $20k per month child support she receives to get a car of her own.

That’s not a terrible deal at all. BUT is a new secret swirly baby the reason his old family has to GTFOH?

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