Guy Finds out His Girl is Cheating and This is What He...

Guy Finds out His Girl is Cheating and This is What He Does


Nothing worse than finding out your girl has been messing around with other men.But it seemed like they didn’t have the most healthy relationship to begin with.


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  • Sylvia Woods


  • Poor dog

  • Sasha

    OK once was enough two times though ridiculous dudes be sweating these exoticals and then get pissed when these chick’s really don’t want they arse. They just stay for comfort until the real prize comes along.

  • C Jenkins

    I hope his ass gets put in jail and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and undergo anger management / domestic violence class for 52 weeks for this bullshit!

  • cm

    If a girl does it, then it’s o.k., but if it’s a guy, then it’s not… If a bitch cheats, she deserves a few slaps… if you see him beating her up like a dude, that’s a different story..

  • boo

    Stop with your bull shit he was in the right if ur not 50/50 and u cheat unlucky people like need to under stand don’t cheat on ur man !!!!

  • Cynthia

    I love how the security guard is just standing there ????

  • gypsydancer64

    Now we see why she cheated on him. Clearly this wasn’t the first time she had to deal with his anger. She probably wanted to get out of that relationship and was afraid to say so because he is violent. The best thing to do is walk away if your lover is cheating. There is no excuse to hit someone. Apparently she wasn’t happy with him, and he should have manned up and dumped her. She should have him arrested for assult. It’s a free country. He doesn’t own her. And all you people out there saying she deserved it is talking shit. Because if it was your daughter that got slapped, you’d beat the fuck out of him. I bet she doesn’t have any big brothers or a dad in her life, so this guy thinks he can get away with this. This ain’t the 1950’s. Keep your hands to yourself. Cheating isn’t illegal. Hitting is. I wish she could have had a gun on her. To shoot his ass.

  • gypsydancer64

    GTFOH, with that bullshit. He doesn’t own her. If it were your daughter, you’d kill him for putting his hands on her. Clearly there is a reason she cheated. He’s violent and she is afraid of him. She’d better arrest him and get a restraining order against him. The way he hit her and called her a nigger. No wonder she cheated. No self respecting woman could love a violent man like that.

  • A

    You on drugs and she should respect him but fucked someone else the tramp

  • Alun Wall

    Hope the slut gets a dirty nasty std for sleeping around dirty slut.

  • Annie Crz

    He does not own her.

  • Annie Crz

    Doesn’t intervene when he’s hitting her but then tried to hold her back when she tries to defend herself…smh

  • Annie Crz

    Once is one too many in my opinion.

  • Terrence S. Knight

    Hitting a woman is never okay! He should be taken out back and gang banged by some he she’s. He’s a straight suckah for slapping this woman. So, she cheated. He’s definitely cheated with guys since he slapping on her. Bitch-ass nicca needs to lose his man card and be given a woman card! As for me I’m walking out of any female’s life if she cheats on me.

  • Kelly J Johnston

    Equal Rights….. And Lefts. Ha ha.

  • Kelly J Johnston

    Notice the dudes ain’t doing nothing because they know exactly that is the way they’d probably deal with the situation too.

  • Savageassnigga

    Stop justifing this bitch actions noone wants to be cheated on its humiliating. Aint like he beat da bitch all you hoes on this comment session condone cheating.

  • PARU

    come on, is this what y’all do? what the fuck that nigger in the uniform doing?

  • Pissoff

    So for hitting someone he deserves rape? Wow you’re a new kind of retard!