'Have a heart': D.C. congresswoman asks police to let kids sled down...

'Have a heart': D.C. congresswoman asks police to let kids sled down Capitol Hill



Bashon Mann and his children sled down a hill at the Capitol as snow falls in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. Students and government workers were told to stay home while the winter weather hits the Mid Atlantic region.

Image: J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

A Washington, D.C. congresswoman has called on police to let kids sled down Capitol Hill this weekend.

U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton appealed to U.S. Capitol Police Board chair Frank Larkin, asking him to drop the sledding ban on Capitol Hill for the weekend.

“This could be the last snowstorm the D.C. area gets this winter, and may be one of the best for sledding in years,” Norton said in a statement. “Children and their parents should [be] able to enjoy sledding on one of the best hills in the city.”

“This is a one-time waiver that will allow D.C. kids to sled while we await a more formal review of the ban, which will likely come after the last snow has fallen in our region. Have a heart, Mr. Larkin, a kid’s heart that is,” she added.

D.C. is anticipating what could be its biggest snowstorm of this winter, with up to 6 to 10 inches forecast for parts of the area. A winter storm warning is in effect for the District, with heavy snow forecast on Thursday.

More than 300 D.C. residents have signed a petition, calling on officials to lift the sled ban ahead of the “sled-worthy snowstorm.”

Sledding Petition

“Please lift the sled ban, and allow the children of D.C. (including those who are children at heart) to take advantage of the last bit of snow this winter,” the petitioners wrote, noting that people who had attempted to sled on the Capitol grounds “have been brusquely asked to leave the premise.”


In enforcing the ban, D.C. police cite a regulation that states: “No person shall coast or slide a sled within Capitol Grounds.” The no-fun regulations also ban scooters, kiddie cars, tricycles, wagons, kites, climbing, jumping, hanging, swinging and ball games of any kind. They do, however, allow cross-country skis and snowshoes as a means for transportation only.

Still, that hasn’t stopped some criminals from partaking in a little winter fun:

Larkin has yet to respond to Holmes’ letter, which you can read, below:

Norton Asks for Kids to Be Able to Sled on Capitol Grounds with Snowstorm Coming Shortly

Additional reporting by Andrew Freedman

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