HIV-positive woman tries to infect Walmart worker

HIV-positive woman tries to infect Walmart worker

Diamond Lawrence

Diamond Lawrence

On Tuesday, police arrested 25-year-old Diamond Lawrence after she tried to steal packs of frozen dinners from a Texas Walmart and threatened one of its workers with HIV. Dallas police say she grabbed $11 worth of goods and nearly got away with it when an employee asked her to come back to the store.

According to police, that’s when she attacked the store clerk by scratching him, letting him know she was HIV-positive, and saying, “I can infect whomever I please.” She repeatedly told the employee, “You’re welcome,” after the attack.

Police were called to the scene, and Lawrence was arrested on outstanding warrants of public intoxication and an invalid driver’s license. Because the worker had no bodily fluids exchanged with Diamond, medical workers said he’s at no risk for getting the virus. Police said Lawrence was wearing a medical wristband that confirmed her HIV status.

Walmart doesn’t prosecute for such small amount of items, but it asked that she never return to their Forest Lane store. Police took Lawrence to the Dallas County jail, where she was being held on $1,500 bail.

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  • nearoffutt

    This is called attempted murder in Illinois, but usually not good for prison time as the state is too broke to pay for the medical costs. Fines that will not be paid and probation that will be ignored if the State bothers to prosecute.

  • assune

    That shit was so nasty to me