Ho Sit Down: Pervy Grandmother Sentenced Four Life Sentences For Raping And...

Ho Sit Down: Pervy Grandmother Sentenced Four Life Sentences For Raping And Kidnapping 3 Grandchildren



Edwina Louis

Edwina Louis Sentenced To Four Life Sentences For Raping Grandkids

Bye, beyotch.

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She swore everyone else was lying, but it turns out she was the one who no one believed.

It took a jury a little less than six hours to convict Edwina Louis today of several of the most serious charges against her: four counts of rape, three counts of child endangerment, a count of kidnapping and a count of tampering with evidence.

Scioto County Common Pleas Judge William T. Marshall immediately sentenced her to four consecutive life terms on the rape charges, added 37 years for good measure on the other counts, and said she would never be eligible for parole.

And he said that in 19 years on the bench, and years as a prosecutor before that, he’d never seen anyone more evil.

The children she hurt, after all, were her own flesh and blood.

The jury did, however, acquit Louis, 53, of 12 other rape charges and two kidnapping charges from prior to November of 2013, when, her grandchildren testified, they first told her they were being sexually abused.

Even with four life sentences, she deserves something even worse.

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