In White Folks’ News: Katy Perry Is Toting A Gut Full Of...

In White Folks’ News: Katy Perry Is Toting A Gut Full Of John Mayer & Ready To Get Wifed



*EXCLUSIVE* Katy Perry and John Mayer have a late night in Los Feiz [NO Brazil]

Katy Perry Reportedly Pregnant By John Mayer

Katy Perry was just dancing with Diplo, but recently hopped back on with her on-again/off-again boyfriend John Mayer. Looks like these two might want to look into maintaining a decent “on” phase, since rumor has it that Katy is knocked up with her first child via Mr. Mayer. Via HollywoodLife:

That sure was fast!

Now that Katy and John are rumored to have rekindled their romance, the couple are ready to take the next step — or two — together, reports OK! magazine.

“The buzz in her close group of friends is that she’s two months pregnant,” a source close to the “Roar” singer shared with the magazine.

“They’re getting married in April,” the source continued.

The source went on to share that Katy was “nervous” to tell John because of their rocky history, but that once he found out their exciting news he was all in.

“He adores Katy and has been a mess since their last break up,” the source explained. “He wants to start a family.”

According to the source, Katy couldn’t be happier to hear that her on-again man wants to start their lives together.

“They want to spend their lives together, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

Hmmm…time will tell if this one is true. But congrats in the meantime!


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