Indiana Pacers — Freezing Philly Arena …

Indiana Pacers — Freezing Philly Arena … [Update: Heater Not Broken]



Indiana Pacers

Freezing Philly Arena

[Update: Heater Not Broken]

2/20/2015 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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12:12 PM PT — A spokesman for the stadium insists the heater is NOT  broken … and says there’s a perfectly good explanation. 

“There is NO broken heater – but we opened the garage to let buses and allow a few packages to be delivered to the stadium – and that allowed the freezing air to come into the stadium.”

“It was like opening the back door and letting the record temps into the building.”

“The heater isn’t broken — and fans can expect it to stay that way … and should be able to enjoy the game with no problem.”update-grey-gray-bar

It’s 14 degrees in Philadelphia … and it seems like the heater has broken inside the Wells Fargo Center — so the visiting Indiana Pacers are warming up in full sweats and winter gear. 

Unclear when the heater crapped out … but multiple team sources tell us the same thing — “It’s f**king freezing in here.”

One player tells TMZ Sports, “It’s like we are outside playing ball … this ain’t cool.”

Pacers’ star Paul George is at the stadium … and tweeted, “Crazy my guys have to practice under these conditions in philly! #CutThatHeatOnDamnIt.”

The game is scheduled to begin in less than 6 hours … and as far as we know, the game is scheduled to go on as planned. 


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