Introducing the Male Contraceptive Patch

Introducing the Male Contraceptive Patch



Science is amazing. If you’re a female, you already know that, though — with the ability to control when and where they can make the babies, ladies have been enjoying the liberating effects of birth control since the 60s. Yay, feminism! But won’t someone please think of the bros? Oh, look — they have. With the development of a new skin patch, menfolk could soon kiss their microscopic tadpole things (gross) goodbye!

Scientists have recently experimented with the combination of two hormones — testosterone and synthetic progestin, also known as Nestorone — that reduce sperm production. Sounds legit. Principal investigator Christine Wang says of the study, “This is the first time that testosterone and Nestorone have been applied to the skin together to deliver adequate amounts of hormones that suppress sperm production,” adding that “Men can use transdermal gels at home — unlike the usual injections and implants, which must be given in a health care provider’s office.” Thanks, Wang (heh).


They conducted a study with some dudes, and 88-89% of men who used the testosterone-Nestorone patches had very low sperm counts. We know what you’re thinking blokey-blokes, “What of the side effects?” Rest assured that side effects often associated with (ladies’) contraceptive treatments, such as weight gain, acne, mood swings and irregular periods, are apparently nowhere to be seen. Especially the last one. Before you all rush out to get contracepted, it’s not available yet, so just keep your pants on.

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