Is "HE" Cheating on "SHE" via Social Media?

Is "HE" Cheating on "SHE" via Social Media?



Hello my
wonderful SHE & HEs. I was contacted by the casting office of Relativity
Television. They appear to be some of the same people behind the hit show “Catfish”.
They currently are working on a show that some may find relatable or interesting.  It is based on women who think their
boyfriend or husbands are cheating on them “ONLINE” through social media.  
Apparently this is a huge problem that has become more
prevalent in today’s relationships, yet few people are publicly discussing it. Currently
they are working on the first therapy show that will tackle these types of
relationship issues.  

This is not supposed
to be a sleazy talk show; it’s going to be a one hour special on a major cable
network. The host will be Dr. Ramani., a licensed clinical psychologist and a
professor of Psychology. She known to have a passion for helping others to live
their happiest and healthiest lives. If interested in participating
refer to the contact information listed.


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