'Jerry Springer' Producer Jill Blackstone — Cops Believe Sister's Death Wasn't Suicide...

'Jerry Springer' Producer Jill Blackstone — Cops Believe Sister's Death Wasn't Suicide … It was Murder



‘Jerry Springer’ Producer

Cops Believe Sister’s Death Wasn’t Suicide

It Was Murder

3/31/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jerry Springer Producer Sister Murder
Jerry Springer” producer Jill Blackstone did not carry out her sister’s wish to end her life — she murdered her … at least that’s what law enforcement now believes.

Our law enforcement sources say Wendy Blackstone — who was deaf and partially blind — did not want to end her life. During the initial stage of the investigation we’re told cops thought this might have been a double suicide plan where Jill backed out at the last minute, but now they believe it’s simple murder.

TMZ broke the story … Wendy was found dead in their garage and Jill had severe carbon monoxide poisoning from a lit barbecue in their closed garage. We’re now told in addition to the coals under the grill, there was a metal trash can filled with charcoal which had also burned.

Cops determined early on … the suicide note found in Wendy’s hand was not written by her … they believe Jill wrote it.

Blackstone was arrested for murder earlier this month but the D.A. felt there wasn’t enough evidence to make a case, so prosecutors sent it back to the LAPD for further investigation. In the meantime, Jill remains free.

But now we’re told … after more probing, the cops firmly believe it was murder.


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