K. Michelle Has Another Message for Toya Wright Regarding Memphitz

K. Michelle Has Another Message for Toya Wright Regarding Memphitz



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Could K. Michelle possibly be feeling bad for Toya Wright?

The “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” Singer recently kicked off her ‘My Twisted Mind” Tour and had a message for Toya Wright, who has recently been making headlines after separating from her husband Memphitz.

Last week, Toya revealed in our exclusive interview, that her estranged hubby blamed her for his downfall because she would not let him go on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to defend himself against K. Michelle’s abuse allegations, and it ultimately led to the demise of his career and their marriage. Memphitz, meanwhile, hopped on Instagram shortly after the interview was released and put a photo up of both his ex K.Michelle and his wife Toya with the caption “the coco drove me loco.”

Although K. Michelle stayed relatively quiet during the public fallout, she uploaded a cryptic message to Instagram that said:

“You can’t play victim when karma finds your address. Do right and right will come to you. Stop blaming others for your fault decision.”

However, during her Baltimore show last night, she had more to say.  Before performing ‘You Can’t Raise A Man’, she said:

“Everyday he is a different ass, crazy ass dude. He got the signs of a grown ass boy that will run for the hills. Toya I was just trying to motherf*cking keep it real.”

Meanwhile, although Toya revealed that Memphitz was the one who came up with Reginae’s party idea for her Sweet 16, if you caught the show last night, you may have noticed that he was conveniently edited out of the show.  Whether it was an issue with getting him to sign a release is unclear, but Toya took to Twitter last night to express her frustration with Memphitz being axed from the final cut:

“I didn’t appreciate how they [MTV] cut my husband out the show. #f*ckedup. He plays a huge part in her life. Smh!

Regardless of what’s going on with us, he’s till her step father. #Naeday”

It is speculated that since Memphitz is suing Viacom, which houses MTV, that he is not allowed to be a part of any shows that are on networks under that umbrella, nor is he allowed to pitch any shows to the network. He is pretty much blackballed. In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, he explained:

[When I sued Viacom] I had just sued my career. I left Memphis and did all these things, I went to New York not knowing one soul. Worked the streets, did what I had to do. Jumped in the movies. Doing all this stuff…everything I did was totally supported by not only my company and these companies that I’m making millions of dollars for, but everything I had would go through BET. I had a show on BET, they gave me my own show, I was so successful.

I was in full ‘bed,’ so to speak with BET, MTV, VH1, all things sort of Viacom and they supported everything I’ve done up to that point. So the fact that I’m with my wife and I get put in between my wife and my career… So at that point when I got that ultimatum and my wife was like, ‘What are you going to choose?’ So I’m looking at her like, ‘My wife, or my career? My wife or my career?’

And I just was like- I just closed my eyes and said, ‘I love my wife.’ So I chose my wife.


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In other news, Memphitz is not making it easy for fans to believe he’s not losing it. He recently dropped a Valentine’s Day calendar that made his ‘Cowboy’ selfie look like a church outfit. You can check the NSFW photos here.

It’s crazy to see how all of this has spiraled out of control.

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