Kansas Juggalo Murders Westboro Baptist Church Member With Hatchet

Kansas Juggalo Murders Westboro Baptist Church Member With Hatchet

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Jason Foster, a 37-year old man who self- identifies as a Juggalo has been arrested at his Kansas home after allegedly murdering 42-year old Walter Higgins with a hatchet.

According to witness, Higgins, who is said to be a Westboro Baptist Church associate instigated the altercation with 37-year old Foster, who goes by the nickname ‘Big-Lo’ inside a residential Kansas neighborhood around 10:45 AM.

Several homeowners within the neighborhood witnessed Walter Higgins along with 3 other individuals (2 males and 1 female) gathered in front of a residence belonging to Kimberly Walters while holding multiple picket signs. Kimberly Walters late husband Brian Walters was a decorated Marine that had passed away in the line of duty on June 30th 2016. It was clear to witnesses that Higgins along with his 3 associates were picketing the death of the Marine.

According to witness reports, Jason Foster passed through the picket line on foot at approximately 10:40 AM. Those on-scene indicated that Jason was wearing a backpack and seemed to be in a hurry; he later told police that he was on route to a neighborhood service station that he is employed at.

When Foster encountered the 4 individuals picketing outside of the deceased Marine’s home, he asked the picketers what they were doing and asked them to leave as their presence was not welcomed by the residents of his neighborhood.

According to witness statements, Foster became angry when the group refused to leave. This is when Higgins began taunting Foster. Several witnesses told the responding police officers that Higgins spit in Fosters direction and told the 37-year old Juggalo, “Don’t worry, you and your ignorant group of deviants will be receiving education from Christ soon enough”. Witnesses reported to the media that after being taunted by Higgins for several minutes, Foster “just snapped”.

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In what seemed like a split second to witnesses, Foster unzipped his backpack and retrieved a wooden-handled hatchet. According to reports, Foster did not say anything to Higgins prior to striking the 42-year old man 4-times in the head with the hatchet.

The impact of the hatchet fractured Higgins skull and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital at approximately 11:23 AM.

According to police reports, Foster did not resist arrest and thus far has been corporative. Though Foster has been arrested for the 42-year old’s murder, it’s currently unknown what civil lawsuits are awaiting him. Chief of Police Douglas Carter made the following statement during a press release, “This tragic incident should serve as a reminder to the public, when you encounter these types of protesters, your best course of action is to simply ignore them – do not allow them to bait you into violent behavior.