Kanye West Confirms Adidas Yeezy Release + 38 Pics Of Kanye Wearing...

Kanye West Confirms Adidas Yeezy Release + 38 Pics Of Kanye Wearing Air Yeezys





In the last five years, Kanye West had caused a ruckus within the sneaker community with his Nike Air Yeezy sneakers. And with his new partnership with Adidas, expect a new Yeezy (or “YEEZi” as rumors have it ) to hit sneaker stores sooner than you think.

“In June we’ll see the new Yeezys,” Kanye said after his performance at the Adidas Global Brand Conference in Germany. Adidas planned on releasing Kanye related products in September 2014 at retailers, but Kanye is telling a different story .

Nike first released the first Air Yeezys in 2009, but soon after their relationship went stale after the company didn’t give him more creative control and an apparel line to go with his sneakers. Instead of bickering with the sneaker giant Kanye jumped ship for Adidas in late 2013.

While talking to the crowd in Germany, Kanye explained to the crowd that designing a sneaker was a dream he’s had since he was a child and that his deal with Adidas is more than just a celebrity advertising deal but he will be apart of the process.


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