Keke Palmer, Quincy, Cory Hardrict, And Romeo Miller Star in New Film...

Keke Palmer, Quincy, Cory Hardrict, And Romeo Miller Star in New Film ‘Brotherly Love’




Brotherly-Love-Keke-Palmer-Quincy-Movie-1 Brotherly-Love-Movie-2015-Keke-Palmer-Cory-Hardrict-Quincy-Logan-Laurice-1 Brotherly-Love-Movie-2015-Keke-Palmer-Cory-Hardrict-Quincy-Romeo-Miller-Logan-Laurice-1

Black Hollywood is “booked” these days.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Queen Latifah after her talk show got the boot, but of course we knew she wasn’t far from her next project. Now it appears that the actress and producer’s latest movie in her ‘Flavor Unit’ media company, Brotherly Love, has been picked up and is slated for an April release! The Jamal Hill-directed film stars plenty of Hollywood familiar faces, including Bitchie chicks Keke Palmer and Logan Browning (Hit the Floor), actor Cory Hardrict, singer Macy Gray, Orange is the New Black’s Eric D. Hill Jr., Romeo Miller, Quincy, Malika Yoba and many more.

According to a synopsis, we can expect some heavy drama from the Philadelphia-based film:

High school basketball player Sergio Taylor (Eric D. Hill Jr) he deals with the early pressures of hood fame. His older brother June (Cory Hardrict) who had basketball dreams of his own, but after the death of their father, resorted to the allure of the streets to fill the financial void in the home. Finally, their sister Jackie (Keke Palmer) the princess of the bunch who has strong ambitions to pursue a musical career, but is suddenly side tracked by an unexpected encounter with teenage love. This story takes place in a city where the life expectancy of a black male is twenty-five years of age…

This would definitely explain Keke shooting a new video for her upcoming single ‘No Love,’ which will be on the Brotherly Love soundtrack.

Ironically, actor Cory Hardrict, who is playing the role of Eric’s dope-boy brother, revealed in a sit-down with blogger Blogxilla that he actually lost his own brother to the streets recently.

Man, I remember I got out the shower and my wife [Tia Mowry-Hardrict] was like ‘Your dad is on the phone’ and I was like ‘He don’t call me in the daytime, man.’ It was like 2[pm] and he called me off work and I heard silence and he was like- my brother got murdered in Chicago.

It was crazy because 2 summers ago he was a regular cat. And then when I left, I was distant, and I came back one summer and he was like Nino Brown of Chicago on the southside. They called him ‘Q,’ I didn’t even know where that came from. I was like ‘Who is Q?’ They were like ‘Your brother, man. We work for him, man.’ He got caught up in that life.

Yikes, that’s rough. Hopefully the film can help get a message across to young viewers about the unglamorous side of the street life.

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In the meantime, check out some flicks  of the cast on set (with Teyana Taylor even making a small cameo in the movie) below!

Also check out the behind the scenes of Keke’s ‘No Love’ video!




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