Larenz Tate Reveals What He Does to Show His Wife She’s Appreciated...

Larenz Tate Reveals What He Does to Show His Wife She’s Appreciated [+ Readers Share What Their Men Do for Them]






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For some women, Valentine’s Day comes early, for some it comes late…and for others, cupid misses his mark altogether.

But for actor Larenz Tate’s wife…Valentine’s Day seems like every day!  The actor recently opened about his inner-romantic side and left ladies swooning after revealing that he is quite the bed chef.

Last week, during the NAACP Image Awards, we caught up with the 39-year-old husband and father and asked him about his romantic side (Is he like the real life Darius Lovehall) and he answered by saying he cooks for his wife, even when she’s not expecting it.

I’m the guy that, I don’t know if it’s romantic but, I make my wife breakfast in bed when she’s not sick, when she’s not necessarily hungry, and when she’s not expecting it. And that’s beyond Valentine’s Day. That’s everyday.

Larenz also shared a few thoughts on his close friend Ludacris, who showed he was quite the romantic himself when he proposed and married his longtime girlfriend Eudoixe all in one day before whisking her off on a romantic honeymoon.

You know, Chris does things like that. You don’t know what to expect. But I’m happy for my little bro and sis, they’re amazing. There is a lot of love there. They got a baby girl, Cai, obvisouly Karma is older, oldest daughter. He’s a really good friend of mine and our families are very close. And anytime that you see people in love that wanna do the things they wanna do, you support that. Even through the toughest times, I’m always there for that brother.

We want to know who takes notes from who.

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Catch Larenz talking about his romantic side below:

Full interview

Bonus: We also asked a few readers to share some of the things their man does to show his love outside of just one day of the year, and the responses had us asking ‘Where they at though!!?” Check out some of our fav responses from our last #BitchieChat responding to what their guys do for them daily below:

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