Legally Blind: Suge Knight Channels Donna Goudeau As Defense Against Murder Rap

Legally Blind: Suge Knight Channels Donna Goudeau As Defense Against Murder Rap



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Suge Knight To Uses Legal Blindness As Defense In Murder Case

Momma Knight, he loves you…

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Let’s see how this defense works for Suge Knight.

The rap mogul’s lawyer claims Knight is legally blind in his left eye, and therefore didn’t see the man he allegedly killed in a January hit-and-run, TMZ reported.

Knight’s new attorney, Matt Fletcher, told TMZ the beleaguered star has been blinded by glaucoma, a side effect of diabetes.

Because of this disability, Knight didn’t see Terry Carter, the Compton businessman he’s accused of running over and killing, Fletcher said.

Carter was supposedly standing to Knight’s left side when he got mowed by the mogul’s truck.

Filmmaker Cle “Bone” Sloan, who was also struck by Knight, got hit because Knight couldn’t see him on the left while backing up, Fletcher said. Sloan was injured in the incident.

Don’t they give out medical kush for isht like this in Cali???

Fletcher also claims that, moments before being hit, Carter yelled something to the effect of, “Should I shoot him?” and Knight couldn’t see the man was unarmed.

Knight has made several allusions to impaired eyesight during his recent court appearances for murder and attempted murder charges.

“I can’t see,” he told a Los Angeles criminal court judge last week, claiming he has 15% vision in one eye and is blind in the other.

If that is indeed that case, then Suge never should have had his fat azz from behind the wheel of a car in the first damn place! SMH.

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