Lessons We’ve All Learned Playing Grand Theft Auto!

Lessons We’ve All Learned Playing Grand Theft Auto!



1.) Trust no n****, fear no b****!

Y’all remember that snake, Big Smoke?! The lesson of the whole game was that anyone could turn on you– even those closest to you, so protect ya neck!
2.) You learn how to whiiip.

For whatever reason, there were many driving missions involved with this game series. They really did a good job with it though, because I applied the skillz to real life and passed my driving test at 14! #owww

3.) Cock & Aim on fleek.

You had to stay strapped in GTA, because anything could happen at any given moment! Let’s just say Rockstar Games took a more liberal approach to guns with the GTA series. I mean, some people feel safer with a gun, so let them have that.

4.) Eses are our friends. 

Kendl and Caesar Vialpando’s love story explored the interracial theme. Besides, we are all melanated, therefore we’re all bruvas and sistahs. 
5.) San Andreas taught you not to f*ck with the Triads.

They always got me smh
6.) You learn what to expect at a strip club!


7.) Vice City was basically Scarface, therefore you low-key learned what it took to become a Tony Montana.
Say I’m lyin’.


8.) There is such a thing as crooked cops.


9.) You learn all the classic hits while driving around, listening to the radio.
The GTA series bridged the gap between young and old by selecting classic hits from as far back as the 60’s like Liberty City’s disco station, funk hits from Rick James and gangsta rap from NWA! 

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What are some of you guys’ most memorable missions from any of the Grand Theft Auto series? Clearly San Andreas was the best, I’m just saying!

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